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Thread: Get SMART warnings when your harddrive might fail

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    Thumbs up Get SMART warnings when your harddrive might fail

    Otra mas, the saint is back:

    so smartmontools is broken in Edgy, but not beyond repair! This is how you get a notifier window in Gnome whenever there is a status change for the worse with your hard drives. it's really nice to get a notification ahead of time before your drives fail...
    (it won't tell you what it is, but WILL tell you somezup):

    1. sudo bash # become god (or root)
    2. apt-get install smartmontools smart-notifier # get the basic packages
    3. gedit /etc/smartd.conf &
      # add a line "/dev/hda -a -n standby,q -m <nomailer> -M test -M exec /etc/smartmontools/haraldgetsasmartnotifier"
      # /dev/hda is the drive you want to monitor, add lines for additional drives
      # geek around for other options
      # we have our own little script here because /bin/run-parts is out of order
      # --could someobody file a bug on that?
    4. cat >/etc/smartmontools/haraldgetsasmartnotifier
    5. /etc/smartmontools/run.d/60smart-notifier /dev/null
    6. ctrl-D
    7. chmod u+x /etc/smartmontools/haraldgetsasmartnotifier # make it executable
    8. gedit /etc/default/smartmontools &
      # add a line "start_smartd=yes" that starts the background daemon
    9. #this is already done: Gnome > System > Preferences > Sessions > Startup programs: add smart-notifier
    10. smart-notifier & # this will be done when you log into gnome, but for now we must do manual
    11. /etc/init.d/smartmontools restart # starts the daemon, should immediately notify
    12. # you should get a dialog popup "Hard Disk Health Warning"
    13. # if you get [fail] instead of [ok] try to find spelling errors by tail /var/log/syslog
    14. # if you get nothing it needs troubleshooting
    15. # if it hangs you might be executing run-part, goto step 1 of these instructions
    16. delete the "-M test " from /etc/smartd.conf and you happy camper

    This will check your harddrive every 30 minutes whenever the drive is spinning. If there is any SMART worsening, you get a popup and can call for help or investigate yourself.

    that's Smart!

    Harald Rudell

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    Re: Get SMART warnings when your harddrive might fail

    Hi Harald,

    Thanks for the howto! Works great on Feisty, except when testing, if I click in the popup to see "original smartd message" I get a blank window. Is this normal for testing, or should I be seeing some text there?

    Thanks again, -MG

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    Re: Get SMART warnings when your harddrive might fail

    Thanks a bunch. You might not care, but here's one more computer on which harald got a smart notifier


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