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I'm having a bit of trouble with this, I've had it working on my laptop before but I can't get it now.
I'm not sure why either 64-bit or Amarok in particular would be an issue, but unfortunately I don't have the time now to troubleshoot (especially as I don't use either by default). I'm in the middle of writing/defending my dissertation and will be moving and starting a new job immediately after, so it will probably be close the new year before I revisit this and start to address the remaining issues. All I can immediately suggest is that if it opens but doesn't bring it to the front OR minimize, it's probably a name/class issue; if it does bring it to the front but doesn't minimize, it's probably an issue with interfacing with the window manager, which is a more complicated fix (as it turns out that essentially none of the window managers are truly following all the specifications they are supposed to, and Metacity in particular has several subtle bugs related to window identification).