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Thread: Howto: Boot CD/DVD Using Grub

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    Howto: Boot CD/DVD Using Grub

    To avoid using the bios option to set boot from CD/DVD, or to help get incalcitrant bootable CDs or DVDs to boot, you can add Smart Boot Manager/MemDisk to your boot options in Grub and boot from Grub instead of using your bios.

    You need a working grub loader installed.

    First off, download these files attached:
    and untar

    then copy them to your boot directory:
     sudo cp memdisk sbm.bin /boot
    then open up menu.lst in your editor (I have used nano here)
     sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst
    and add this to the bootable options (not in the magic section)
    title=SBM-Boot a CD
    kernel /boot/memdisk
    initrd /boot/sbm.bin
    Next time you reboot into grub, you will see a new entry "SBM-Boot a CD"

    With your CD/DVD in the drive, select this option, and you will get the Smart Boot Manager menu.
    Scroll down to the CD-Rom option, press "Return", and then "Return" again out of the confirmation dialogs.

    Your CD/DVD should now boot.

    Tested on Ubuntu Edgy 6.10
    Thanks to the Gentoo Wiki for guidance
    Just retrace your steps to remove this option.

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