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Thread: I'm ready to work!

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    Exclamation I'm ready to work!

    It rocks like a sock that we're all here and from Arkansas and stuff... but hey... I wanna make Arkansas look good! Isn't there some project or another that could use our personal attention? Something to help the Ubuntu-Linux community?

    I personally am relatively new to Linux but I have been learning a lot about it via hardware difficulties and have had a little bit of formal Linux training. I have other skills which may or may not be perfect for a given job, but I'm ready to use 'em.

    What do you think Mr. Team Leader?

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    Re: I'm ready to work!

    What would you like to do? There is nothing stopping you from contributing. You can pick an application to focus on. Documentation is always in need of updating. Helping others on the forums by researching problems (because some people don't know how to search or implement proposed solutions.)

    Try Feisty Herd 4 and report what works and what doesn't with your hardware.

    The list really is endless.

    Most of us are still trying to fix Bug #1. Once that is fixed, then we can move on to more interesting things.

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    Re: I'm ready to work!

    I like your spirit. So far the only thing we have done as a team has been balthazaar and myself, and we informed people of an alternative to windows vista at Best Buy. If there is something specific you would like to do, then please say so.


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