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Thread: First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional teams

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    Red face First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional teams

    Tonight Brunellus and Myself spoke with Jono about Regional teams, I have copied and pasted the conversation(I had to edit many of the smiley's out):
    [19:50] <Brunellus> NU Ubuntu in da house, throw 'em up!
    [19:50] --> PriceChild has joined this channel (n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild).
    [19:50] * vorian_ waves to ravtux and PriceChild
    [19:50] <ravtux> NU Ubuntu admin X 2
    [19:50] * ravtux waves to all
    [19:50] <pochu> ravtux: hi
    [19:50] <elkbuntu> hmmm.. this channel now has more users than my loco channel
    [19:50] <pochu> elkbuntu: hehe
    [19:50] <Brunellus> we just heard jono was here
    [19:50] <pochu> elkbuntu: what is your loco channel?
    [19:51] * vorian_ waves to elkbuntu
    [19:51] <elkbuntu> pochu, -au
    [19:51] <ravtux> Brunellus: now what were you saying the other night about US LoCo teams?
    [19:51] <pochu> elkbuntu: I can contribute to increase your channel people
    [19:51] <Brunellus> I was saying that the US LoCo teams are awesome, ravtux
    [19:51] [Whois] jono is n=jono@ubuntu/member/jono (Jono Bacon)
    [19:51] [Whois] jono is a user on channels: #gstreamer #ubuntu #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-locoteams #ubuntu-mythtv #ubuntu-uk
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    [19:51] <elkbuntu> pochu, then it wouldnt be genuine
    [19:51] <Brunellus> and our regional locoteams are a great way to support new loco teams
    [19:51] <ravtux> Brunellus: yes the are
    [19:51] --> jono__ has joined this channel (
    [19:51] <Brunellus> I think I also threatened to post one copy of The Federalist on jono's blog every day until he agreed.
    [19:52] * Brunellus grins
    [19:52] <ravtux> The importance of regional LoCo teams are key to the LoCo team success in the US
    [19:53] <Brunellus> think of regional loco teams as the accelerant
    [19:53] <-- jono has left this server (Read error: 113 (No route to host)).
    [19:53] <ravtux> Brunellus: what does The Federalist entail?
    [19:53] <Brunellus> ravtux: the benefits of federalism, obviously
    [19:53] <Brunellus> in some places, it's brilliant. In others, it's dense. Alexander Hamilton was known for genius, if not necessarily concision.
    [19:53] <ravtux> Regional teams are a catalyst to LoCo team growth
    [19:53] <Brunellus> heh.
    [19:54] *** jono__ is now known as jono.
    [19:54] <ravtux> wait what did Alexander Hamilton say?
    [19:55] <-- PriceChild has left this channel ("Bye ").
    [19:55] <ravtux> jono: I have never talked to you, but I would like to introduce myself, Jozef
    [19:55] <Brunellus> jono's probably not even in front of the keyboard
    [19:55] * Brunellus laughs
    [19:55] <ravtux> lol
    [19:55] <jono> ravtux: hey
    [19:55] <jono> Brunellus: oi!
    [19:55] <jono>
    [19:55] <ravtux> jono: how goes it?
    [19:55] <Brunellus> ooooOOOooh. the jono SPEAKS.
    [19:55] <jono> ravtux: good thanks
    [19:55] <jono> Brunellus: ocassionally
    [19:56] <ravtux> Brunellus: now see what you did you woke the Jono
    [19:56] <jono> I am known for being quiet and retiring
    [19:56] <jono>
    [19:56] <jono> so hows it going folks?
    [19:56] <Brunellus> jono: when you're not bullying Ade on Lugradio
    [19:56] <ravtux> it is going good Jono
    [19:56] <jono> Brunellus:
    [19:57] <-- effie_jayx has left this server ("Leaving").
    [19:57] <ravtux> we would like to talk to you about the importance of regional teams, specifically the NU Ubuntu Team
    [19:57] <Brunellus> we hear you've been hating on the whole 'regional team' concept
    [19:57] <jono> Brunellus: as in, town based teams?
    [19:57] <jono> which country?
    [19:58] <ravtux> In our region we have been the catalyst behind state and city LoCo team formation
    [19:58] <ravtux> US
    [19:58] <Brunellus> jono, USA. 'region' for us is multiple states
    [19:58] <ravtux> NU Ubuntu Team
    [19:58] <jono> right
    [19:58] <Brunellus> what's your objection
    [19:58] <jono> yeah I think state based teams make sense, with regional teams as part of those state teams
    [19:58] <ravtux> Northeastern United States Ubuntu Local Community Team
    [19:58] <jono> otherwise its way too granular
    [19:58] <Brunellus> jono: it's actually the other way around
    [19:58] <jono> oh right
    [19:58] <jono> you mean collections of states?
    [19:58] <Brunellus> correct jono
    [19:59] <jono> right
    [19:59] <Brunellus> within the state teams, you could subdivide, conceivably
    [19:59] <Brunellus> by city
    [19:59] <jono> I think its great to have US locos at a state level, but to have coalitions of teams as regional groups, like you say
    [19:59] <Brunellus> oh ok.
    [19:59] --> effie_jayx has joined this channel (n=valles@
    [19:59] <Brunellus> generally, we see the regional team as supporting the creation & activities of state teams
    [20:00] <ravtux> Jono so you do see the importance of Regional Teams in the overall state and city team formation?
    [20:00] <Brunellus> and also providing a nice excuse to have dinner and nerd out on occasion
    [20:00] <-- effie_jayx has left this server (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)).
    [20:00] <jono> yes
    [20:00] * Brunellus tells it like it is.
    [20:00] <ravtux> Jono I official invite you to our next meet up
    [20:00] <jono> I think its great having coalitions of teams, but each team should be state level
    [20:00] <jono> ravtux: which meet up?
    [20:00] <Brunellus> jono, NU Ubuntu team
    [20:00] <Brunellus> come hungry
    [20:01] <Brunellus> ;p
    [20:01] <ravtux> in the DC area
    [20:01] <jono> cool
    [20:01] <jono> would love to
    [20:01] <jono> but I am in the UK
    [20:01] <jono> next time I am over there though
    [20:01] <Brunellus> I mean, DC's a long way from Wolvs
    [20:01] <jono> was considering a US tour of groups
    [20:01] * elkbuntu chuckles
    [20:01] <Brunellus> but, y'know.
    [20:01] <ravtux> that would be nice
    [20:01] <jono> if there is demand I could do it
    [20:01] <ravtux> we demand it...LOL
    [20:01] <Brunellus> ahaha. we could manufacture a crowd
    [20:01] <jono> basically, blog about it and it spurs it happening
    [20:02] <ravtux> we will work on getting the local LUGS involved too
    [20:02] <jono> cool
    [20:02] <Brunellus> except those beardy geezers from novalug
    [20:02] <jono> heh
    [20:02] <ravtux> DC being the capital of the US would be a great place for you to start
    [20:02] <ravtux> and we can help you plan your tour
    [20:03] <Brunellus> ravtux: we could hook him up with the NU locoteams
    [20:03] <Brunellus> an underground railroad of Ubuntu locoteams
    [20:03] <ravtux> our meet ups UUG are usually surrounded by good food, lappys and good friends
    [20:04] <ravtux> we have started a grass roots effort to create a Local UUG (Ubuntu Users Group)
    [20:04] <Brunellus> yeah we're prety awesome.
    [20:04] <vorian_> you guys are great!
    [20:05] <Brunellus> sssh, vorian_ . We'll hit ohio soon.
    [20:05] <Brunellus> maybe *I'll* hit ohio
    [20:05] <ravtux> we try to coordinate with LUGS and other Linux devs too
    [20:05] <yann2> is there a point in making concurrents to LUG?
    [20:05] <yann2> why not contribute to lugs?
    [20:05] <Brunellus> yann2, depends
    [20:06] <ravtux> Mac almost had Ian Mudock at our first meet up
    [20:06] <Brunellus> my Lug meets at an inconvenient time for me
    [20:06] <yann2> just imagine if we have SUG, MUG, ....
    [20:06] <yann2> not sure that's a good idea...
    [20:06] <ravtux> Mac = Mackenzie our other regional group admin
    [20:06] <Brunellus> consider UUGs as subsets of larger LUGs.
    [20:07] <ravtux> shes having an Oscars party tonight btw
    [20:07] <Brunellus> or, if Linux usergroups were a political party, consider us ubuntu guys as a caucus within that party
    [20:07] <ravtux> lol nice
    [20:07] <joe_cot> so where's this debate? all i see is invitations to dinner
    [20:07] <Brunellus> there was a miscommunication as to the meaning of 'regional'
    [20:07] <Brunellus> (I think)
    [20:07] <Brunellus> having fixed that
    [20:07] --> Vorian has joined this channel (n=steve@ubuntu/member/Vorian).
    [20:07] <Brunellus> we're going on to the important things in life
    [20:07] <Brunellus> dinner and ubuntu.
    [20:08] <Brunellus> but mostly dinner
    [20:08] <-- vorian_ has left this server (Nick collision from services.).
    [20:08] <ravtux> jono: Jono so if we can get enough demand form the US LoCo teams Canonical Ltd. will send you here?
    [20:09] <ravtux> Brunellus: food is very important
    [20:09] <Brunellus> hahaha. will canonical buy beer, too?
    [20:09] <jono> ravtux: yep
    [20:09] <Brunellus> shipit pizzas?
    [20:09] <ravtux> free as in free bear
    [20:09] <jono> thats the way it works
    [20:09] <jono> build a buzz, and I get sent over
    [20:09] <jono>
    [20:09] <ravtux> we will work on the buzz
    [20:09] <ravtux> Brunellus: can you start a sticky thread in the cafe?
    [20:09] <Vorian> We could plan something for the Ohio Linuxfest
    [20:10] <Vorian> its in September
    [20:10] <Brunellus> thta'd be modabuse
    [20:10] <Brunellus> ;p
    [20:10] <ravtux> since our team effort was instrumental in getting Jabber added to our forums
    [20:10] <jono> sounds good
    [20:10] <Brunellus> ravtux, that was mostly our whining and ryan finally getting it done.
    [20:11] <ravtux> Brunellus: atleast we get things done
    [20:11] <Brunellus> nah, that was all ryan. we whined effectively, though
    [20:11] <-- voidmage has left this server (Remote closed the connection).
    [20:11] <ravtux> Brunellus: we can start a sticky in our LoCo teams forum atleast
    [20:11] <Brunellus> probably.
    [20:12] <ravtux>
    [20:12] <Brunellus> although if I'm jono
    [20:12] <Brunellus> I'm going to hit up the argentine loco
    [20:12] <ravtux> why?
    [20:12] <Brunellus> have you ever read their forum
    [20:12] <Brunellus> it is occasionally *hilarious*
    [20:12] <Brunellus> also, I've always wanted to go to argentina. ;p
    [20:12] <Brunellus> sabdfl could just rocket me over
    [20:12] <ravtux> and miss the Shawarmas!
    [20:13] <ravtux> jono: our next meet up is at Max's in Silver Spring, Maryland, home of the worlds best Shawarma!
    [20:13] <jono> woo! sounds great
    [20:14] <jono> I do have a few US trips planned
    [20:14] <ravtux> jono: you like shawarma?
    [20:14] <Brunellus> I'm gonna have to put Max's to the test
    [20:14] <jono> but not for a while
    [20:14] <jono> shawarma?
    [20:14] <Brunellus> shawarma == arabic for kebab, if I'm not mistaken
    [20:15] <ravtux>
    [20:15] <jono> yum
    [20:15] <jono> looks awesome
    [20:15] <ravtux> (Arabic: شاورما‎; Hebrew: שווארמה‎), from the Turkish word çevirme (turning) which is another name used for döner kebab
    [20:15] <Brunellus> yay unicode. I read that
    [20:16] <ravtux> ahh
    [20:17] <ravtux> jono: I am glad to hear that you do in fact support Regional LoCo teams
    [20:17] <jono> indeed
    [20:17] <jono> but they are not teams
    [20:17] <jono> but coalitions
    [20:17] <jono> I would like them to be considered teams but instead groupings
    [20:17] <jono> I think it makes more sense
    [20:18] <ravtux> jono: it is important to point out that we are here to help State and City teams in our region to grow and coordinate
    [20:18] <jono> excellent
    [20:18] <jono> the loco project is kicking some serious ***
    [20:18] <ravtux> perhaps we should be called a Ubuntu ReCo Team
    [20:19] <ravtux> Regional Community team
    [20:19] <Brunellus> ravtux, so long as we're not RICO
    [20:19] <ravtux> RICO?
    [20:19] <Brunellus> RICO is the federal anti-racketeering/gang statute
    [20:19] <jono> heh
    [20:20] <jono> I think it would make sense to have a special section for team coalitions
    [20:20] <ravtux> Brunellus: you are the Esquire
    [20:20] <ravtux> jono: yes
    [20:20] <Vorian> : -)
    [20:20] <ravtux> jono: it would help on a local coordiantion level
    [20:20] <jono> the work going on with the US effort makes much of this worthwhile
    [20:20] <jono> yes indeed
    [20:20] <ravtux> we and LoCo teams would be much more effective if this became official
    [20:21] <ravtux> in a workable infrastructure way
    [20:21] <Vorian> what kind of infrastructure ravtux ?
    [20:21] <ravtux> regional>state>city
    [20:21] <Brunellus> infrastructure: railroads, roads, ports
    [20:21] <Brunellus> oh wait.
    [20:22] <jono> ravtux: I will make it an official thing
    [20:22] <ravtux> cool
    [20:22] <Brunellus> w00t!
    [20:22] <jono> I will look at it this week
    [20:22] * Vorian highfives jono and ravtux
    [20:22] <jono> I will post to loco contacts
    [20:22] <jono> np
    [20:22] <jono> remind me though tomorrow, my memory is ****
    [20:22] <Vorian> I knew you guys would get along
    [20:22] * Brunellus jubilates.
    [20:22] <ravtux> jono: I would elect Vorian to head up a midwest regional team
    [20:22] <Vorian> pfft!
    [20:22] <Brunellus> easy, ravtux
    [20:22] <Brunellus> let the midwesterners do it
    [20:22] <Vorian> Ohio's enough for me
    [20:22] <Brunellus> they know how to do this sort of thing
    [20:22] <ravtux> Vorian: ok
    [20:23] <Brunellus> besides, the midwest is friggin' HUGE.
    [20:23] <Vorian>
    [20:23] <Brunellus> even if it is mostly corn.
    [20:23] <Brunellus> CornBuntu!
    [20:23] <ravtux> Brunellus: the best we can do is lead by example
    [20:23] <Vorian> /cs k Brunellus
    [20:23] <ravtux> Vorian: I realize your plate is full
    [20:23] --> Zelut has joined this channel (n=christer@ubuntu/member/zelut).
    [20:24] <Vorian> hi Zelut
    [20:24] <ravtux> Vorian: but you contribution is great
    [20:24] --> SubWolf has joined this channel (n=rob@
    [20:24] <Vorian> ravtux, you should try and coordinate with the US teams project
    [20:24] <Brunellus> we do have to start thinking about more substantive work we can do at the regional level though
    [20:24] <ravtux> yes Mac has put the final touch on her work
    [20:25] <jono> brb
    [20:25] <ravtux> She has converted 10 computers at my work to Edubuntu
    [20:25] <Brunellus> some of the states in our region are pretty big. NY is a huge state. VA is a huge state (in terms of extent), as is PA
    [20:25] <ravtux> yes and Southern Maine is a world of difference from Northern Maine
    [20:25] <Brunellus> ravtux, that's not really the point
    [20:25] <Vorian> lol
    [20:25] <ravtux> oh
    [20:25] <Brunellus> what I'm trying to think through is
    [20:26] <ravtux> yes?
    [20:26] <Brunellus> how do we get activity going through the whole region
    [20:26] <ravtux> If you look at the local forum
    [20:26] <Brunellus> I mean, around us, in the DC/noVA/MD area, it's pretty easy
    [20:26] <Vorian> Brunellus, thats easy
    [20:26] <ravtux> we have inspired many new LoCo teams
    [20:26] <Vorian> find leaders in each state/city
    [20:27] <ravtux> Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Pittsburgh, etc
    [20:27] <Brunellus> so I guess what we're supposed to be going is encouraging?
    [20:27] <ravtux> encouraging and helping set up
    [20:27] <Vorian> what do you mean Brunellus?
    [20:27] <Brunellus> If we can be a bit of a clearinghouse for loco activity in our region until the teams get big enough to be self-sustaining
    [20:27] <ravtux> also JD just moved to NYC
    [20:27] <ravtux> yes
    [20:27] <Brunellus> yeah. Brooklynbuntu.
    [20:28] <ravtux> we are here to help farm and nurture LoCo teams on the state and city level within our region
    [20:28] <ravtux> also to help pool our resources when needed
    [20:29] <ravtux> when ever we travel to any state within our region we can plan a meet up just as Jono plans to meet us here in the US
    [20:30] * dthacker finishes reading the backlog and says hello!
    [20:30] --> PriceChild has joined this channel (n=pricechi@ubuntu/member/pricechild).
    [20:30] <Brunellus> hello dthacker
    [20:31] <Brunellus> most of the backlog is my bloviating
    [20:31] <ravtux> blovating?
    [20:31] <Brunellus> bloviating. you know, like many senators do.
    [20:31] <Vorian> hey dthacker
    [20:32] <ravtux> Brunellus: I looked it up, can you please explain the term deeper?
    [20:32] <dthacker> The regional team concept struggles a bit in the midwest US, I think
    [20:32] <Brunellus> dthacker, yeah I was thinking, because of the large geographical region
    [20:32] <Vorian> dthacker = nebraska right?
    [20:32] <Brunellus> but generally, we think of the regional level as more a coordinating/encouraging thing. . .
    [20:32] <-- PriceChild has left this channel ("Bye ").
    [20:33] <dthacker> Nebraska team is an example. We are in the largest city.
    [20:33] <ravtux> dthacker: this is why I encourage City teams also
    [20:34] <ravtux> prime example is Philly and Pittsburgh
    [20:34] <ravtux> a user in Pittsburgh is more likely to meet in Ohio then Philly
    [20:34] <dthacker> We've annexed Western Iowa until Iowa group develops on their own because much of it is within a few hours drive
    [20:35] <ravtux> This is an important point in the US is economic sphere of influence
    [20:35] <Brunellus> dthacker, that's pretty much what the regional team does anyway
    [20:35] <ravtux> yes
    [20:35] <Brunellus> eventually, there are enough people in the target area to get another loco team going
    [20:35] <Brunellus> so it grows, and you all stay affiliated.
    [20:36] <ravtux> This is why a regional team can be instrumental in the State and City LoCo team development and growth
    [20:36] --> C3s4r has joined this channel (
    [20:36] <dthacker> The states I would work with are not in my region, though
    [20:37] <dthacker> brb must refresh my memory of Nebraska's region
    [20:37] <ravtux> has there been a regional team developed in your area?
    [20:37] <Brunellus> ravtux, there's a SW Ubuntu regional loco
    [20:38] <Brunellus> yay. dinnertime
    [20:38] <ravtux> and a Northwest regional team
    [20:38] <dthacker> I'm far more likely to gravitate to Denver than Ohio, but I see there is a Kansas City groupt forming and they are
    [20:38] <ravtux> ok guys I have to check out for Dinner
    [20:38] <dthacker> logical partners, distance and logistics wise
    [20:39] <dthacker> bye ravtux
    [20:39] <ravtux> bye all
    [20:39] <ravtux> have a great night
    [20:39] <Vorian> ; -) ravtux
    overall the meet up went great and appears to inspired a bit of change.
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    Re: First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional t

    Jozef, JD was the one who talked to Ian, not me! I've never met the guy!

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    Re: First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional t

    I'm really ticked that I let myself miss this. Wasn't paying attention to the time.

    Anyway, I'm sold on the concept. I would rather take control at the local level, than try to coordinate something statewide, but it's probably easier to do it this way.

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    Re: First meet up with Jono,reaffirms importance and essential function of Regional t

    Quote Originally Posted by macogw View Post
    Jozef, JD was the one who talked to Ian, not me! I've never met the guy!
    oooopps my mis-understanding


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