Hello guys,

At last, I installed Ubuntu on my computer and trying to figure it out

This is my first post on Ubuntu forums. I've taken a look around the forum and I can easily say that you people are awesome. If you can help me on solving my problem, you'll be uber-awsome!

I currently have ubuntu 12.04 LTE x86 version and Windows 7 Ultimate x64 version on dual boot.

I was trying to play some steam games like CS:GO on ubuntu but as you can guess, I failed.

I've installed Play on Linux and Wine latest versions to install Steam. I successfully installed Steam without any problems.

As you know, Steam directory uses too much of a space on hard drive. Installing it on C:\ drive is nonsense. So I did what should have been done on Windows installation; I installed it on another NTFS partition.

What I wonder is that if there's any possible way for me to use these already downloaded steam games under a different NTFS partition.

Thanks for your help.