I am running Ubuntu 14.04, and I want to run multiple griffin powermate knobs: https://store.griffintechnology.com/powermate. I want to map them to different keys other than audio control. I want to use four of them (perhaps more) to control robot joint positions.

I got the first one up and running using a modified version of these commands: http://askubuntu.com/questions/13814...bit-desktop-ub

But I can't use multiple controllers. I tried modifying the udev rules to account for the KERNEL=x.x value since that's the only value that changes between the knobs, and then changing the .evrouterrc file to /dev/input/event* instead of "Griffin Technology Powermate" but that did not allow both of them to be used.

I also tried adding two users (powermate, powermate2) and replicated the steps for both of the controllers (evrouterrc, evrouterrc2), but evrouter did not allow to instances to be run.

I'm confused about what steps to take now. Is it possible to use the udev rules and evrouter to account for multiple instances of identical devices and assign different functions to them? Or do I need to find a different way? Or do you know of any linux compatible full turn knobs that we could use instead?