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Thread: Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

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    Desktop Hardware Compatibility List.

    Welcome to the Hardware Compatibility List.

    The purpose of this thread is for you, the user, to post what hardware/hardware combination works with Ubuntu for you. If you wish, you may post how the hardware works (configuration related), and the steps you took setting it up. These informations will help other users to choose new hardware and it will also help the UDSF archivers to update the Hardware Compatibility Guide.

    Everyone is welcome to post here, as long as it is hardware related data. For help with hardware problems, please use the standard procedure of searching the forums, and starting your own thread for assistance if no answer is found.

    Give detailed explanations when reporting compatible hardware.

    Also Do not post any lspci outputs in this thread as they will be removed with out question.

    Please Only List
    1)Version Of Ubuntu
    2)Type Of Hardware
    3)Hardware Maker
    4)Hardware Model

    *NOTE* This thread is exclusively for the listing of compatible hardware. Any idle chatter or unrelated posts will be moved/removed accordingly. *NOTE*

    Thank you.

    PS: the old compatibilty list thread can be found here and will remain closed :
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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    Ubuntu 6.10
    Dell Precision M90 laptop workstation:
    2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo T7200, 4Mb cache | 2Gb (2*1024) Samsung DDR2-667 5.0-5-5-13 | Seagate Momentus 7200.1 100GB 7200, 8MB cache | NVIDIA Quadro FX2500M, 512Mb, driving 1920x1200 LCD | Maxtor 3200 USB2 500GB 7200, 16MB cache | Sony DVD+/-RW DW-Q58A | Broadcom gigabit ethernet

    The processor is not recognised, but runs, and is correctly shown as two cores.
    The video card - the OpenGL version of the G71 core as used on 7900GTX - is not recognised, shown as an 'unknown device 029a', but runs at native resolution and full color depth. Adding the NVIDIA-supplied binary driver enables full OpenGL support which works well.

    The Ricoh SD/MMC/MemoryStick/xD reader is partially recognised.

    I have not tried the IEE1394 port or the smart card reader.
    Sound works, burning DVD works.

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    Ubuntu version: 6.06
    Type Of Hardware: USB Bluetooth Dongle
    Hardware Maker: MSI
    Hardware Model: BToes 2.0 EDR

    It works out of the box. I just pluged it in, installed gnome-bluetooth from the repos and followed this how-to:

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    Talking Re: Hardware Compatibility Guide

    I just need to include this:

    I checked for a replacement printer for my aging Epson Stylus Photo 820 (worked very well in Linux) & finally decided on a Brother HL-2070N Laser printer.

    To make a story short & sweet: After downloading two small files from Brother Support (both .debs), I just plugged in the unit & after printer setup--cleanly printed the test page & several jobs I needed to do-----all within 20 minutes of walking in the door with the unit. Brother's support was very clear & to the point. All-in-all, a very positive experence!!!

    I wrote the following to Brother's tech support:

    I am just writing to thank you for excellent support for my new Brother HL-2070N Laser printer. i downloaded your two drivers & installed them--then setup the printer & printed a test page within 20 min of walking in the door with the new unit.

    I had used a Epson Photo Stylus 820 & several HP products prior--none were as easy to setup & use as your unit!!!

    Thank You for a job VERY well done.

    Dean Loros
    Performance by Design Ltd.

    This is for hoping that this becomes the "norm" for equiptment suppliers!!!
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    Talking Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    Ubuntu version 6.10
    Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-K8N51PVMT-9
    Processor : AMD 64 Athlon 3200+ socket 939
    Ram : Kingston PC3200 512Mb x2
    HDD : Maxtor 6Y060l0 60GIG ATA
    Ubuntu installed perfectly, everything working, ethernet,usb,and sound.

    Nvidia 6150 on board gpu on first install ran with visa driver, NVIDIA-supplied binary driver installed and works perfectly native resolution of monitor recognised and Beryl 0.2.0 rc1 installed and works perfectly.

    Have not tested the firewire port as yet but is recognized.

    UPDATE: As above with Feisty 7.04. and & 7.10 Gutsy
    Plus logitech quickcam connect works out of the box, tested with kopote and amsn and works as should, Plugged it in to usb and came right up in both IM clients no problem. Have not tested sound with webcam as yet.

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    Mini-ITX System

    OS: Edgy Eft
    Motherboard: VIA EPIA MII-12000 Mini-ITX
    Processor: VIA C3 1.2GHz
    RAM: pqi POWER series DDR266 1GB
    HDD: Toshiba 40GB 2.5"
    PCMCIA: Zoom Bluetooth Adapter
    PCMCIA: Linksys WPC54G 802.11b/g

    Linksys WPC54G PCMCIA card, it is recognized, but I haven't tested it yet.


    OS: Edgy Eft
    Model: Toshiba Satellite P15-S479
    Processor: Intel Pentium 4 HT 2.8GHz
    RAM: 1GB
    HDD: Hitachi 100GB 2.5"
    DVD: NEC DVD+-RW DL Burner
    Graphic: nVidia Go5200
    Net: Onboard NIC 10/100 and Onboard Atheros 802.11a/b/g

    Texas Instruments onboard SD card reader doesn't work. I will get the info and put it up on the Incompatible board.
    Currently using WinXP with emergeDesktop shell on my laptop, and Vista on my gaming machine. Sorry guys!

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.


    Sony Vaio VGN-FS840/W (PCG-7G2L)
    Processor: Intel Pentium M 1.7Ghz
    RAM: 512 MB (DDR2 SDRAM) *2
    HDD: 100 GB Ultra ATA, 4200 RPM
    Chipset: Intel 915GM
    Graphic: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 900
    Net: Integrated 10/100/1000 Network Card • Integrated Wireless LAN
    1 x Type I/II PC Card Slot, 1 x Memory Stick Card Slot, Docking Station/Port Replicator, 1 x Memory Stick PRO, 1 x Memory Stick DUO

    Everything works fine, but card-reader. Also i've spend 30 minutes on dial-up modem installation. It does work with freeware Connexant driver. Guess they are all the same on all Sony laptops. Media buttons don't work as well, but i didn't even try to install whether card-reader or media controls. Probably it has an easy solution.

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    OS: Ubuntu 6.10
    Processor: AMD Sempron 64 3000+ Socket AM2
    Motherboard: Redfox K8M800-AM2,Audio,Video,Lan,Socket AM2, SATA, IDE,DDR2
    VIA Chipsets
    Memory: 512MB DDR2 Apacer
    HDD: 80GB SATA Seagate
    CD-Rom: Lite-On CD-ROM Drive

    • All systems are functioning well, that means, video, lan, USBs, CD-ROM, HDD are detected. Redfox or Biostar mainboard is working well with Ubuntu 6.10.
    • Ubuntu 6.10 is operating smoothly with the set-up above, however, it is advisable to use 1GB DDR2 memory for better performance.

    ************************************************** ******************

    OS: Ubuntu 6.10
    Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ (2.6 Ghz) Socket AM2
    Motherboard: Redfox GEForce 6100-AM2,Audio,Video,Lan,Socket Am2, SATA, IDE,DDR2
    nVidia Chipsets
    Memory: 1GB DDR2 Apacer
    HDD: 120GB SATA Seagate
    CD-Rom: Lite-On DVD Drive

    • All systems are functioning well.....the set-up above are design for heavy graphics and gaming. I used this set-up right now for graphics and web development, e-commerce and e-learning development using LAMP set-up and most importantly watching DVD Movies or listening music ....while writing documents and codes.

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    Two Brother HL2030 laser printers (monochrome) using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper, each on a 2.8GHz PC.

    I bought one printer about a year ago for the first PC and found it so easy to instal and it worked so well that I have bought the same model printer for a second PC. The HL2030 is 16 pages per minute, 8MB memory, 2400 x 600 dpi and connects via USB 2 cable.

    I have just bought the second one from Amazon UK for £60.85 plus VAT (and a USB cable at £2.55 plus VAT). [Make sure you are buying direct from Amazon and you can use "Supersaver" to get free delivery in the UK.]

    I downloaded drivers from the Brother Linux printer driver pages. Instal the LPR driver first from:
    The method is here:

    Then the CUPS driver from:
    The method is here:

    Check in Systems | Administration | Printing to make sure the printer is shown.

    Connect the printer to the power and switch on. Connect the USB cable to the PC, then to the printer. Press the "Go" button on the printer to print a test page

    Happy printing!

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    Re: Desktop Hardware Compatibiliy List.

    ubuntu 6.10 - 2.6.17-11-386
    USB-HSDPA Modem

    Works fine needs to be plugged in twice

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