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Thread: Slackware and Gentoo Perspectives

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    Re: Slackware and Gentoo Perspectives

    Quote Originally Posted by OlineSixtyOne View Post
    Hello everyone. I am a current Xubuntu Edgy user and I am contemplating a switch to Slackware Linux.

    First off, a brief history of my Linux experience. I started with SuSE Linux on a suggestion from a friend and successfully used it for about 2 weeks before I decided it was too much like Win XP to be worth permanent use. After that I looked for a new disto on my own and found Ubuntu. I installed Ubuntu Warty (IIRC) and used it for quite some time, learning how to get around in Linux using the terminal and whatnot. I upgraded to Breezy when it came out and used it for another while.

    After spending some time with Breezy I decided I wanted to try something more advanced. I grabbed a Gentoo Minimal Install CD and followed the guide, configured my own kernel manually and had a successful install. Feeling very proud of myself, I used Gentoo for a month over the summer when I had plenty of time to maintain it. I eventually decided that maintaining Gentoo would be too time consuming to use it during the school year, and I switched back to Ubuntu Dapper (IIRC). From that point I moved to Xubuntu Edgy and here I am today. I enjoy XFCE much more than GNOME. It feels much snappier to me.

    Although I like Xubuntu more than Ubuntu, I still want more simplicity. That brings me around to Slackware. I haven't actually done any research on it myself, but I know it follows the KISS philosophy, and is one of the oldest remaining distros. I understand it will be more work than Xubuntu. I would like to see it put in perspective with Gentoo. Is it more work? Does it take as long to install as Gentoo?

    Thanks for your time and assistance,
    Wolvix Hunter is by far the single best Slackware based distro....Zenwalk is a close second but needs a bit of work.

    If you want to try Gentoo, start with Sabayon, if you can't stomach a DVD install, start with the Sabayon mini-edition

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    Re: Slackware and Gentoo Perspectives

    Alright everyone, sorry I've neglected to update this thread for so long. I decided to go with Arch first instead of Debian, and I'm still using it. I installed the base system then slapped XFCE on it. After installing Mplayer, Java, and a few other miscellanies I found myself with a fully functional OS. My total combined uptime with Arch is probably around 96 hours now. I've got almost everything working the way I want it too, and don't forsee changing soon. This was supposed to just be an exploratory test install, but I'm hooked now.


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