Furthermore, Suggesting that anyone deserves death in any post in these forums is not welcome and we request it not be repeated. - PriceChild
Hmm, I think that is a going a bit overboard. Not everyone shares your believes on the death penalty and I do not believe you can enforce your believe system on others in such a way. Others might believe that murderers, rapists etc deserve it.

With the above sentiments you might want to have a look at this thread and remove it from public view ?

Implying that someone deserves to die because they committed a computer crime is not the same thing as initiating or participating in an intelligent discussion of the merits of the death penalty. It was a knee-jerk reaction that was harsh and not in the spirit of "Humanity to Others."

(gentle tone here...) Really, if you have an issue with PriceChild's moderation of the thread the Resolution Center is the place for bringing it up. For that reason I'm going to close this thread. If my explanation above is unsatisfactory you or anyone else can post a new thread in that venue to complain. -matthew
I do not agree with the statement that hackers deserve death but saying you cannot wish death upon any one in the forums is something different.

In the discussion on the merits of the death penalty some individuals echoed the sentiments that the death penalty should be applied to murderers, rapist, child molesters etc

Sorry but that is wishing death on someone, there is no difference. Whether you mention it in a thread on the death penalty or not. I don't see how it makes a difference really or am I alone here with my 'skewed' logic.