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Thread: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    i may not be a woman. and according to some test i might not be a man.. but thats kinda off topic..
    so uh.

    i think from what i know from my ex gf.. and some of my cousins.

    the ability to explore a beautiful world like in oblivion maybe not that intense in gfx. most of the time i play that my self i enjoy exploring and using some mods that enabled me to basically live another life.
    almost every friend of mine that is female which is 80% i don't like hanging out with guys and doing "guy" stuff. anyways from what they talk about in games is Zelda.... so if ya was to make an rpg maybe a mixture of zelda and oblivion?
    like some one else said sim styled game... and creatures or even a social style game... kinda like second life...
    a game i know of that is more popular for females than males is Harvest Moon and um when i tap into my feminine side i would enjoy a harvest moon styled game but more in depth in living and other stuff some thing where i would possible live the life of a farmer or any other type jobs... rancher blacksmith cook ect. in a multiplayer environment or just harvest moon as a multiplayer game. there are other ideas i have... but i kinda want to keep the idea that i have a chance of being a male. heh for my other ideas go really in depth small example a romance gfx novel game...
    or anything with in depth romance. would be cool to.

    ps: sorry for my small male brain and horrible spelling. i do not claim to know women well or anything.. i only go by what my female friends say.
    and truefly i enjoy a lot of thing women do that over the year men declared for women only... like makeovers. as a rough idea. so i do think i am in touch with my feminine side

    oh nother idea. for a game or part of a game. some thing kinda like spore?

    also i just now relized that games are multi gender.....
    i've been asking around and so far all the girls i know keep saying games i like.. so in reality any kind of game can go both ways.. cept maybe barbie...
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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    Wow.... it's really hard for me to think about a game that "all women" would like to play. As the fact stands as stated before that different women want different thing in games. Much like men want different things in games.

    Personally I love don't mind a good storyline in a game and many times it helps makes games enjoyable for me. (IE Half Life 2 is a blast, but sometimes I get motion sick from playing it too long, why? No idea :>) As for strategy games, the only one I've ever been able to play for a long period of time has been Star Craft. It had a great story, and I just found it clicked with me. Where as Ages of Empire, and other such rts game simply didn't.

    My favorite genre of game though has to be the Sandbox mmo. Where you can more or less do a bit of everything you choose to do. IE go mining for some hours, or if you don't feel like that turn around and hunt, craft, pvp, or just plain socialize. (Sadly the game that does this the best is also the most expensive by ways of Entropia Universe/Project Entropia). And I may be superficial... but nice graphics add VERY much to the appeal. Don't get me wrong... you have UO which is a great game even with it's graphics and open ended play style, but when a new mmo comes along with great play style and graphics. I'll most likely be sold (EU has more or less done that but again it's so expensive to play >.<), which may be the case with an upcoming mmo, "Earth Rise".

    This being said,I also play Eve Online; and belong to a pirate corporation xD. And the only thing that the game is missing is the ability to get out of your ship, dress up, and walk around in the stations and planets. But this is already in development and I am eagerly anticipating this.

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    IMO, the good games appeal to different types of motivations - i.e. both me and my husband play WOW, but he likes to explore and do arenas, I like to complete quests and gain achievements. Neither of us are big on the socializing but we have a friend who logs in only to chat sometimes. I think that is why WOW is so popular, you can get a whole range of satisfaction from it - you could tie it neatly into McClelland's Theory of Needs (achievement, affiliation and power).

    However, I do think gaming is overly male-centric and it certainly affects what I find interesting and what/how I play. I prefer an environment that promotes equality - can I express my feminine side (if I chose to), or is there just one or two token female character choices, which are limited to tight pants and big *****? I would like to see a game that actually takes women into consideration when it is designed in a serious and respectful way. I'm interested in Sony's FreeRealm idea, where you can mix casual gaming with an MMORPG. One of my biggest laments is that games just take too much time - so a game that lets you express yourself (both male and female), appeals to different motivations, and lets you throttle your time investment from casual to hardcore will have my votes and my dollars.

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    A game for women?

    I didn't realize that women were so separate from men that they required separate games.... how about separate food?...... air?........ planets?

    Goodness me. What utter nonesense.

    If on the otherhand, you were trying to say that perhaps non-violent games should be more available... then yes, by all means, but that is not just a female requirement. Some none violent games are tetris (I love that), Mahjong (love it), Penguin racer..... and so on and so forth.

    So please, stop putting dividing lines where there are none...after all I thought Ubuntu women's aim was to help unify and stop separatism...

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    Lightbulb Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    this thread is SO old...

    but if serves for something I can say that most of the woman that know that play pc games like the puzzle/action-puzzle ones

    my mother is crazy with luxor or zuma like games (as well as many female friends of her) and I get sick just watching her playing at insane/impossible levels and beating them (I hate those games btw )

    so im sure that this genre (luxor-zuma like) will be special for most women from 15 to 70 and theres not even wine'able versions of that kind of games... yet

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by kassetra View Post
    Some elements of games I like:

    From the Myst games:
    I like the "environmental immersion" with fantastical plants, animals, sounds, and even music - and the fact that you can "explore" somewhat.

    From Creatures:
    I like the fact that there is an ecology, animals, dna, plants, etc. that all work together to create the environment.

    Some elements I wish either of those games had:
    I would like to be able to interact with the plants/animals more than just the ones that are the "main characters" of the storyline...

    It would be nice if I could develop my own worlds, possibly, with maybe my own animal breeds/plants, etc. Or at least take different ones out of a stock and try to create a living area/biosphere type thing.
    Sounds like you would like a game called Deus Ex. Even if it's a shooter/stealth game.
    I heard that somewhere, 'Ubuntu' is a word in the African language, that means 'prosperity, good-fortune, etc.' Nice job Linux

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    Play EVE Online, even has a girl name "eve"

    Forgot to add it plays real well with cedega from transgaming.

    It has MANY more complexities over WoW or EQ2. There only one server cluster, so all the players can interact.
    50,000 online at peak hours. Has a free trial for 2 weeks also.

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    Re: A Game for Women - elements & ideas

    I like many different types of games. Intuitiveness is important to me - I'm not a fan of long tutorials - give me a game I can pick up and play (ala many Wii games).

    I'm not a big fan of heavy conflict in my games. Sometimes I want to play a game just to hit things (I enjoy being a barbarian in Diablo II ) but more often I like games which emphasise co-operation and community.

    I also like problem solving games and puzzle games.

    Please note: Personally, I feel that making games for girls is a ridiculous concept (All we end up with is more cooking and horse riding games! Blegh!) - however I would like to see more games wiht a collaborative focus, that don't require me to fire weaponry. Good luck.

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