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Thread: How To: Make Your Own Ubuntu Repository DVDs

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    Re: How To: Make Your Own Ubuntu Repository DVDs


    I have just wrote to the author of debpartial to find out if it does what I want it to do, and if so how?


    I need to clarify my response about the format of the jaunty mirror tree, as I didn't give enough detail before.

    Under ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty/main I have two folders, binary-i386 and source. Same goes for ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty/universe, ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty/restricted and ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty/multiverse. The same pattern gets repeated under ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty-backports, ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty-security and ~/UbuntuRepos/dists/jaunty-updates in that each one of them contains a similar structure of folders (main, universe, multiverse and restricted subfolders with source and binary sub-folders within them) - just like on the 'real' ubuntu mirrors.
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