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Thread: How To: Make Your Own Ubuntu Repository DVDs

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    Quote Originally Posted by regomodo View Post
    Ok. It was scanning itself and it know has downloaded fully.

    I now have a knew problem
    ruby debcopy -l ~/UbuntuRepos/ ~/UbuntuDVDs/ubuntu0
    doesn't work. I get

    I have ruby installed. Anyone with ideas?
    Check out Step 2 again:
    cp /usr/share/doc/debpartial/examples/debcopy.gz ~
    gunzip ~/debcopy.gz
    When debpartial is installed you get debcopy too. But you must extract it. If you want to place it in your /bin folder (it's in your command path so it will activate every time) that's an option. To place it in your /bin folder extract it like this:

    sudo cp /usr/share/doc/debpartial/examples/debcopy.gz /bin
    sudo gunzip /bin/debcopy.gz
    Please note: this solution is untested. If it fails, let me know.
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