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Thread: How To: Make Your Own Ubuntu Repository DVDs

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenn45 View Post
    What if I would like to add another repository that is not on the official list? Say I would like to add a repository where Beryl is available? Should I just modify my repository list? Anyway , Im going to test it tomorrow and see what what happens.
    Yo, glenn45. Excellent question. This question is answered in the FAQs.

    I want to do some research in order to:
    • Add extra repositories like, say, the PLF files *Completed, added to main tutorial*
    • Use the current repositories downloaded to install new software (rather than downloading again) *Completed, added to main tutorial*
    • Figure out how to inform 'apt', 'synaptic' and 'aptitude' that the repositories are valid and can be trusted. *Completed, added to main tutorial*
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