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Hi all,

Here is a shell I have put together from this post. I am not a guru on shell scripts this was put together with the help of google search .
Feel free to comment and/or change it.
I saved it as backupAndRestore.sh and you can run it as follows
sudo ./backupAndRestore.sh

echo "Please enter b for backup or r for restore:"
read action

if [ $action = $S1 ]; then 
    echo "These Directories will be excluded:"
    echo -e "\033[1m\033[32m /proc /lost+found */backup.tgz /mnt /sys /dev"
    echo -e "\033[0m"
    echo "To chance these values edit this shell"
    echo "continue (y/n):"
    read action
    if [ $action = $S2 ]; then 
        echo "Backing up PC ~ timestamp " ;date
        tar cpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=*/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys  /
    echo -e "\033[1m\033[31mWARNING: this will overwrite every single file on your partition with the one in the archive!"    
    echo -e "\033[0m"    
    echo "Please enter name and location of the archive to restore:"        
    read fileName
    echo "You are about to restore $fileName do you want to continue?(y/n)"
    read action
    echo -e "\033[1m\033[47mJust sit back and watch the fireworks.This might take a while. When it is done, you have a fully restored Ubuntu system!"
    sleep 5
    echo "start"
    if [ $action = $S2 ]; then 
        tar xvpfz $fileName -C /
        echo "Creating excluded directories"    
        #Just to make sure that all excluded directories are re-created
        mkdir /proc
        mkdir /lost+found
        mkdir /mnt
        mkdir /sys
echo -e "\033[0m"
Thanks it worked great for me! One thing that you'll have to do is to modify your grub or grub2 after you restore. Fast and easy way to back up or migrate to another machine.