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I'm very glad it worked--at least the exclusion part. I was just about to post about the order of the options, when I saw your post quoted above where you'd got it right.
Thanx again for help. I'm trying to learn this basic stuff as soon as possible, so i did a bit of investigating, instead of just sitting and waiting for someone to do all the work. Hope that soon I'll be able to help someone too

As far as I can see, your /vmlinuz should be there. It's not a special file that tar doesn't know how to handle... That puzzles me. I'll do a little experimenting and see what I can find out.
Yeah, I don't see the reason why it shouldn't be there, there was nothing in console output that stated different. I'm very interested in the results of your experimenting, so, if you have the time, please post it.

A utility such as partimage which creates a supposedly (!) faithful copy of a partition, will back up every last thing there, and partimage is used for restoration by a lot of people, including myself at least once. I feel uneasy using partimage, though; it's poorly presented to the user and that makes me have doubts, even though many, many swear by it.
Yes, i've tried PartImage, but didn't got how to unmount / partition...anyway, this approach sounds easier for me. I'll get back to testing PartImage as soon as i learn more about Linux and Ubuntu.

I'd say leave out /proc, /var, and /tmp and keep everything else. Or leave them in.
Roger that