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Thread: [SOLVED] [Tutorial] TeXlive-zh with Chinese fonts already installed

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    Post [SOLVED] LaTeX with Chinese fonts tutorial.


    This is a translation of this thread on the French forums.

    Have you ever tried to install Chinese fonts on your LaTeX distribution, and, like me, failed to do so? This topic introduces a way to install a LaTeX distribution with already installed Chinese fonts. This method will work with any Linux distribution, not only Ubuntu. Executables are compiled for i386 systems only.


    TeXlive-zh is a non-official distibution and contains non-commercial licensed fonts. For a commercial use of the fonts bsmi and gbsn, please ask 中易 et 方正

    There are no Japanese, Korean, Tamil or Thai fonts here.

    Most commands here require high user privileges. They are preceeded by a # symbol, and other commands with a $ symbol. # instructions must be executed as root or with sudo.

    Source of this tutorial
    Instructions in Chinese are here:

    1. Try it, or install it
    1.1 First method (more efficient, but longer to download)
    • Download the ISO file linked to the Chinese tutorial. You can make a coffee or so during the download
    • Mount that ISO file on /mnt:
      # mount -o loop texlive.iso /mnt
    • Mount the SquashFS on /usr/local/texlive:
      # mount -t squashfs -o loop,ro /mnt/texlive.squashfs /usr/local/texlive
    • ⁽¹⁾ Add it to the PATH:
      $ export PATH=/usr/local/texlive/2005/bin/i386-linux/:$PATH

    Done! If you want to install it, create (#) a directory, eG /usr/local/texlive-zh, and run
    # cp -a /usr/local/texlive /usr/local/texlive-zh
    then, add /usr/local/texlive-zh to the PATH variable in /etc/environment, for example editing it (#) with nano. You can then unmount /mnt/texlive.squashfs, the iso file, and remove that iso file.

    1.2. Alternate method (quicker)
    • Install 7-zip (package for ubuntu may be named p7zip)
    • Download this file here (server in France) or there (server in China). Size should be 577MB, md5sum is f87201d93a3752b283fe19ad1f483f00.
    • Uncompress that file (and then remove it if you want):
      $ 7zr e CTeXLive20051018.iso.7z
      (note: the command may be 7z instead of 7zr on some distributions)
    • Mount the ISO file that has been extracted:
      # mount -o loop CTeXLive20051018.iso /usr/local/texlive
    • Go to the ⁽¹⁾ mark in method 1.

    2. Sample LaTeX Document
    2.1 LaTeX Source
    \end{CJK*} (this is a test)
    song font can be replaced with gbsn, or bsmi for traditional characters set.
    2.2 Compiling
    If you want it, you can use my Makefile: just type «*make*» without arguments, and your LaTeX files in the working directory will be pdfLaTeXed. Available here.

    Thanks and feedback
    I hope you will enjoy it. Thanks to Yule Wang, and the creators of that distribution. If you have problems, contact me for example, or leave a MemoServ note for pabix on
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    Re: [SOLVED] [Tutorial] TeXlive-zh with Chinese fonts already installed

    You just made my day! I know this thread is fairly old, but I still want to express my gratitude!

    Your fix works fine for me, although the "song" font is troublesome for some reason: See the attached logfile. Maybe someone could help me with this? I assume I just have to install the font correctly, just don't know where to edit which file...
    It worked flawlessly using the gbsn font, though!

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    Re: [SOLVED] [Tutorial] TeXlive-zh with Chinese fonts already installed

    Old thread, but for people who are interested:

    I installed



    the software-center couldn't find it by itself.

    The LaTeX-code i used is:
    The terminal gives no errors with pdflatex and it works.
    thx to
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