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    Linus Torvalds facts

    A friend sent me it, thought it was funny so i decided to post it.

    1. Linus Torvalds can program without a keyboard

    2. Since 1969, the year Linus Torvalds was born, software quality has increased 19.000 percent.

    3. The commonest definition of the word programmer is Linus Torvalds

    4. Linus Torvalds didin't learn from the University of Helsinki the University of Helsinki learned from Linus Torvalds.

    5. Linus Torvalds finished the Linux Kernel the day before he started on it.

    6. Linus Torvalds once developed a programming language so good that it makes python look like punch cards.

    7. Linus Torvalds doesn't need to boot.

    8. Linus Torvalds first written program had artificial intelligence.

    9. Linus Torvalds doesn't receive error messages.

    10. There is no theory of probability, just a list of events that Linus Torvalds allows to occur.
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