The website: pretty much sums up the cultural state of neo-liberal affairs that Ireland, UK, US have adopted. Through globalisation other states are jumping on the band wagon. As a 24 year old the future we're inheiting is bleak to say the least. Yes, there's jobs in Ireland, but do people feel a real sense of attachment toward them? Is our economic up turn one of sustaibaility with social needs met in accordance with our new found wealth?
That's why projects such as Ubuntu are really interesting and provide a non-profit community based system of being! Based on freedom but derived from a communicative ethos, I've told my friends about it! I'm fed up with the commercial privatisation of Irish society and the internet. I recently purchased a Dell laptop with XP and if I see another pop-up, 'install now now or continue what you were doing', initialising [crap] or reminders to buy the latest update I'm gonna fling the thing out of the window! Hence by tomorrow I will have installed Ubuntu.