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Thread: Announcing Ubuntu Women

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    Re: Announcing Ubuntu Women

    You are welcome anywhere on the Forums, of course! You aren't relegated here!

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    Re: Announcing Ubuntu Women

    I began learning to use Linux in July 2014, with Linux Lite an Ubuntu based distro, I began on a very old computer family members had given me that they were otherwise taking to landfill.
    Currently I have 2 more recent desktops and 1 refurbished netbook.
    I tried installing Ubuntu 16.04 on my other desktop when I first got it new, but there was a hardware incompatibility, although many members on this forum were helpful I was not able to get it to run. So that desktop became the first new one with Linux Lite on.
    My latest new desktop is the one I am using to type this, I got it very recently with Ubuntu 18.04 preinstalled. I have since updated it to Ubuntu 18.04.2 and installed my first few programs, and with help in an answer on the forums today installed the Gedit template I like to use.
    My netbook is Fedora Workstation 29 which I will be using to learn from the Linux Bible book, I have begun this as I was using Fedora in Virtualbox previously.

    I am a young woman now I was 17yo earlier in 2019.
    I like Linux a lot, it encourages me to learn.
    Currently I am learning Shell scripting from the Linux Command Line book I have just completed Chapter 28 which was the first menu driven program.
    I have made 3 small apps in Python myself by trial and error, they are more 3 variants of the 1 app, they are on Github. I also done my first small collaboration by making the future About box for the LL distro in its next series that will be based on the LTS after 18.04. The developer wrote of it, "it is an About box on Steroids", not really sure what it means and have not managed to find anyone around me who knew what it meant either, but he seemed happy, I added all the things he asked for, and offered some additional ideas most of which he approved, one idea he didn't approve for inclusion, but he made this idea in to a separate app himself for the next series of the distro, so it was useful.

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