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Thread: HOWTO Install Samsung Unified Printer Driver

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    Re: Thank you!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by flinkdeldinky View Post
    I'm on an AMD64 Debian testing system. Using your deb packages I finally got my CLP-325 printing in color as well as the Windows drivers (it least in my limited testing).

    Without your packages CUPS was able to detect and install a driver that gave me full printing functionality except that printing a photo was to dark (I'd describe it as muddy) and had a weird not quite horizontal banding.

    I tried to install the Samsung Driver by hand but the configurator was uncooparitive. Although if I ran it from the shell command (I think it was it would install automatically the correct driver. Except it would be attached to mfp4 and that didn't work. And there was a deamon smfpd that would eat up 25% cpu nor more or less. I found no way to change connection and the configurator wouldn't list anything I recognized as a USB connection.

    I was able to reconfigure the connection using CUPS web interface but whenever I tried to print the printer would actually print a page complaining I was using the wrong driver.

    So I uninstalled it and I installed your debs. Basically a variation of the above. The mfp connection thing is a real problem on my system. Then I saw on your site that I only needed the driver and data debs. So I uninstalled everything and reinstalled just the driver and data debs.

    Cups saw the clp-325 (as usual) and when I setup the printer I chose to use the Samsung CLP-320 Series (SPL-C) driver and not the foomatic driver. Then when I configured the driver I got different options so I knew the foomatic driver wasn't being used. I set the color to vivid and presto!, picture perfect photo prints.

    So I recommend debian testing users (and everybody else!) just use the driver and data debs. Then go into cups and a handful of clicks later you're good to go. Samsungs configurator doesn't offer much and cups does everything fine (I assume kde/gnome interfaces work fine as well).

    Thank you!

    i read in your thread that you have a CLP-325, i have the same one
    what do you mean with "I set the color to vivid and presto! (in cups)"
    and where do you do this?

    i also whant to print in color with my printer

    Thanks Ruben
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