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Thread: How To: Add folder image / folder thumbnails like windows xp

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    How To: Add folder image / folder thumbnails like windows xp

    I was trying to find a way to easily add images to a folder like windows xp do. I couldn't find anything so I wrote a little program that does that myself.

    SetFolderIcon looks for an image called Folder.jpg or Folder.png if it finds one then it changes the folder icon to that image. If it doesn't find an image called Folder.jpg or Folder.png then it looks for photos and videos in the folder and creates a folder image with 4 small thumbnails (like win xp).

    This is my first C# code. That means I had to google every single command/function. It doesn't look nice but it works (most of the times). I'm sure/know there are cases I haven't covered and lot of error handling to be done but the program as is works for ~95% of cases. I have tested the program only under Ubuntu Edgy. I've no idea if it works in older/newer versions.

    1. Extract archive in a folder

    2. Create a folder in your home directory called .FolerIcons (/home/yourlogin/.FolerIcons) and copy bg.png in it.

    3. make sure you have mono, imagemagick and zenity installed
    - sudo apt-get install imagemagick, mono-runtime, zenity

    4. edit and replace the path to setfoldericon.exe with the one on your system.

    5. copy to /home/yourlogin/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

    6. Now you can right click a folder -> Scripts -> SetFolderIcon

    In order to view the folder image you must restart nautilus. You can restart nautilus by typing in a terminal: nautilus -q
    I usually sudo killall nautilus

    The source code is included in the archive. if you want to complile it use gmcs.
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