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Thread: Tip: Join two avi file with mencoder

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    Tip: Join two avi file with mencoder

    Joining two or more avi files is easy with mencoder.

    Here is a simple script that I use to do it:

    # MjAVI - 2007
    #Mencoder needs to be installed for this script to work
    #The Numbers in this script could be changed to combine more than two files.
    # Mencoder also supports mpeg files. So the .avi could also be changed to .mpg
    echo "Script to combine two avi files, while syncing audio."
    echo "usage: ./mjavi a1.avi a2.avi combined_temp.avi final.avi" 
    cat "$1" "$2" > "$3";
    mencoder -forceidx -oac copy -ovc copy "$3" -o "$4"
    the cat command combines 1 and 2 into 3, but the audio isn't in sync. So, 3 is indexed with mencoder into 4 which has nicely synced audio.
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