I see all of these posts looking for others in their state so might as well see if there is anybody else in the Nutmeg state (or the Constitution State) or better known as Connecticut!?

My path takes me between Hartford, Waterbury and Danbury and my previous job took me to Stratford.

Also, in Danbury there is a computer club called DACS (Danbury Area Computer Society). The general meetings (1rst Tuesday of month) are open to anybody, it's a good-sized group (285 memebers) and they have a number of interesting Special Interest Groups (SIG) including one for Linux (meet 3rd Wednesday of month).

If you want to attend, let me know and I'll meet you there (directions on website)!

Otherwise would like to see if there is anybody else the state or right along the border (w/NY, MA or RI).

Give a shout back!