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Thread: Ubuntu 7.04 -- i386 Desktop

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    Ubuntu 7.04 -- i386 Desktop

    Test case type: Ubuntu Desktop CD, manual partitioning
    Image ID: Official Herd 2 CD
    Date of testing: 1 - 12 -07
    md5sum confirmed: forget
    Pass/Fail: yes
    Bugs identified: none, but I haven't looked
    Other comments:
    1) gParted first mounted all my hard-disks during manual partitioning. They had to be unmounted before I could install properly.
    2) Some graphical distortion during partitioning stage on ATI Radeon Mobility 7500.
    3) Clicking Properties for the Wireless connection caused the application to crash
    4) Other than the above, the installation went fine
    Here's my results.

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    Re: Ubuntu 7.04 -- i386 Desktop

    test case type:ubuntu 7.04 desktop cd manual partition
    image id : 20070111.1
    md5sums confirmed : yes
    pass/fail : fail (to be confirmed)
    bugs identified :none yet (install failed)
    outher comments: run all the tests went fine,initial start up screen gets a bit messy but once the disk loads it is fine,resolution was ok ,will install shortly and post more comments .

    install failed got as far as keyboard hit forward and screen gets scrambled and all grinds to a halt.
    it seem to run fine as a live cd,

    sorry if this is in the wrong spot .
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    Re: Ubuntu 7.04 -- i386 Desktop

    test case type:ubuntu 7.04 desktop cd manual partition
    image id : 20070111.1
    md5sums confirmed : yes
    Install pass/fail : fail - claimed not enough disk space though my intent was to wipe the disk with the install. Installer then crashed and asked if I wanted to "force quit", which I did.
    bugs identified :

    default screen resolution at initial desktop showed no bottom tool bar. subsequent adjustments at system preferences cleared up.

    Install appears to be hung at step 6 - Prepare Disk Space as has been scanning disk (18GB) for more than 40 minutes. Am going to abandon install tonight and resume later...

    So far things appear a bit more polished than Dapper.
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