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Thread: Ubuntu Herd 2 - I386 Alternative CD

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    Ubuntu Herd 2 - I386 Alternative CD

    Test case type: Ubuntu Herd 2 -- I386 Alternative CD, manual partitioning
    Image ID: 20070111.3
    Date of testing: 2007-01-12
    md5sum confirmed: Yes
    Pass/Fail: PASS
    Bugs identified: #76294 and #76641

    Bonus: Hibernate now works from the shutdown menu.
    Regressions: Atheros wifi cards don't work on kernel 2.6.20 yet, this causes the card to be unrecognised by installer and a kernel oops after installing restricted-modules.

    Long standing issues: No software suspend, sound errors w/ external USB drive and no poweroff during shutdown. See laptop page at
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