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Thread: Show Us Your Server

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    This is my little baby.

    What it lacks in power it makes up for in sound volume. (And physical volume)

    It is:
    1 x DL360G3 with a single U320 36GB 15000K disc (Raid port 0 is dead is why i dont mirror, else i would) Single CPU and 1 GB memory, running webserver and loadbalancing / reverse proxy.

    1 x DL380G3 (SAN) Running openfiler with 1 TB distributed over 15 72,8 GB 10/15000K discs attached to an MSA 30. 2 CPU with i think 2.4 Ghz and 3 GB memory.

    1 x DL380G3 with 6 x 36 GB discs running Raid 5 and ESX 3.5 Is directly attached to the SAN with GiB cable on one of the NIC's

    1 x Intel P4 SE7221 (Got it for roughly 1,5 usd) running a 2.4 Dualcore, with 2.5 gb memory, 2x 56 GB scsi discs with an older IDE as storage, OS windows XP, the only thing this do is holding on to VMwares infrastructure client.

    1 x Storageworks 1/8 Ultrium 232 LTO-1, and is more than happy to backup the entire show. On the picture it is loaded with 6 tapes in slots 1,2,4,5,6,7.

    In the bottom there is a breadbox holding cables and stuff, and the top there is an older 15 inch HP monitor with Dell Keyboard and Logitech mouse.

    To keep everything afloat there is a Netgear 10/100 switch.

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    Cool Re: Show Us Your Server

    Heres my precious.

    In order from top to bottom:

    HP 2626 10/100 switch with 2GBIC uplink ports.

    HP DL360 G5 with 2 Quad Core 2.7 Ghz 64 bit xeon CPUs 3 72.8GB SAS drives in RAID 5 and 8GB Ecc DDR2.

    HP Storageworks NAS 1000s with 4 160GB IDE Drives in RAID 5 (practically never used as its P4 based).

    Compaq DL380 G2 with 2 1.4Ghz P3 based xeon CPUs and 6 36GB SCSI U320 drives in RAID 5.

    Compaq DL380 G2 (again) with 2 1.27Ghz P3 based xeon CPUs and 2 36GB U320 SCSI drives in RAID 0 (soon to be raid 5 with 6 300GB drives) it also hosts the picture below.

    All in an early HP rack that pre-dates their acquisition of Compaq but as its so old it holds its quality and weighs what feels like a metric tonne!

    You may notice I love HP machines.

    Cant place a picture in here as it rotates so here is a link. (And its very high detail)
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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    I have an old self-built Pentium IV for a server in my basement. I use wireless with it and love the wake-on-lan feature because I do not have to get up to turn it on or off.

    At work I have several HP DL360s and DL380s (Gen6 through 7 with some Gen8 servers on the way.) pictures of one of the racks below:

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    Lools really COOL, the sort of place to get comfotably working. GREAT

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    OMG, I thought mine was a bit big. BUT it doesn't work...yet

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    Quote Originally Posted by starlyte2 View Post
    OMG, I thought mine was a bit big. BUT it doesn't work...yet
    Still needs pics...
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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    It's amazing how low power some of the systems are towards the start of this topic. Why do we need higher power servers now, what has changed from a few years back?

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    I created, like 3 years ago, a rack 10U (I named it Orion) to store my servers:
    Right now I have 2 server, one 1U and the second a 2U.

    Poseidon: is a network server with build in WIFI for access point @ 450mpbs
    the hardware is an old Pentium 4 D @ 3ghz with 1 gb ram, a supermicro motherboard with a trendnet wifi nic + 30gb HDD, the case is a supermicro 1U
    [I don't have pictures of this one, but I have from my old 1U network server]
    services: Bind9 (DNS), isc-dhcp-server (DHCP), NTP (time), Firewall, hostapd(wifi AP), SSH

    Apolo: is a NAS server and a XEN virtual host
    the hardware is a phenon2 x4 3100 @ 3.1ghz + 4gb RAM + 40 gb sata HDD, and 3 2TB sata green AV drives the Case is a modified 2U

    I installed a LCD 4x40:

    The NAS is a RAID5 + LVM (4TB total capacity)
    The Xen holds 3 virtual servers:
    Cerberus: an Authentication server using LDAP + SAMBA
    Venus: a LAMP Webserver for testings
    Perseus: I use this one for tests

    To finish the Rack took me almost 1 year:

    last thing I did was a Fiber Carbon coat:


    Is still unfinished I need to get an UPS and other stuff
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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    Here's my home office setup.
    Ubuntu headless server.
    Used for: Web, file sharing, DLNA, XBox streaming etc.

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    Re: Show Us Your Server

    A little bump wont do any harm would it?

    My first custom built computer that i built back in 2000 found back to my hands after its journey on 2 other owners.
    I gave it to my friend in 2005 when i upgraded finally to more powerful machine, but during the lifetime of the machine it had multiple motherboards and CPUs in it. Only whats left of the original build is the case.
    Current specs are:
    Athlon 64 3500+ 2.2Ghz
    3 sticks of 512MB DDR1 ram
    2 320GB IDE hard drives
    Unknown Asrock motherboard
    Had an Asus Geforce 220 in.
    350W Antec PSU

    It serves currently as my main server running Ubuntu server, untill i find new motherboard for the Core2Quad
    torrent slave
    teamspeak 3
    openTTD server
    streaming for PS3

    There was need for a little surgery to extract the broken CD drive.

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