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Thread: Efficiently Using LaTeX

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    Perfect, \begin{gather*} is exactly what I'm looking for.

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    I love working with LaTeX like you too, and this is what I put in most of my documents to get better margins:

    That should work if you use the A4paper-class (for letter size paper, I wouldn't know).

    I also have a full file of common abbreviations (commands/environments), some are in Dutch (as I'm Flemish), and they are mostly mathematical, mechanical or chemical shortcuts. Perhaps you have some use for these. You can include them into your own files by putting them in the pre-able or by referring to them by saving the file in the same folder as your document (let's say and then typing \input{} in your document's pre-amble.

    % Egon Geerardyn common latex Commands
    % 2007 01 03 : Version 0.5
    % dutch arc-goniometric functions
    %alternative notation for arc-goniometric functions
    %alternative notation for arc-hyperbolic functions
    % coordinaat   
        \newcommand{\co}{\mbox{ \textsf{co}}\,}
    % absolute waarde
        \newcommand{\abs}[1]{\left| #1 \right|}
    % degree symbol
    % ronde B voor bol
    % ronde K voor kwadriek
        \newcommand{\pd}[1]{\partial #1}
    %dot and double dot for D_t en D_t^2
        \newcommand{\dt}[1]{\dot{#1}} %dot notation for d/dt
        \newcommand{\dtt}[1]{\ddot{#1}} % double dot notation for d^2 / dt^2
    %accent (acute) for D_s and D_s^2
        \newcommand{\ds}[1]{#1 \acute{}\,} % accent notation for d/ds
        \newcommand{\dss}[1]{#1 \acute{}\, \acute{}\,} % double accent notation for d^2 / ds^2
    %accent notation for arbitrrary derivative of order 1 or 2
        \newcommand{\dx}[1]{#1 \grave{}\,} % accent notation for arbitrary d / dx
        \newcommand{\dxx}[1]{#1 \grave{} \, \grave{}\,} % double accent notation for d^2 / dx^2
    %norm of a vector
        \newcommand{\norm}[1]{\left\| #1 \right\|}
    %infinity redeclariation for use with WikiPedia LaTeX notation
    %Probability notation
    %vector functions 
        % vector notation
        \newcommand{\vect}[1]{\overline{#1}} %large notation
        %(scalar product, <>-notation
        \newcommand{\scalprod}[2]{\left\langle #1,#2 \right\rangle}
        \newcommand{\scalprodv}[2]{\scalprod{\vec{#1}}{\vec{#2}}} %includes vector arrows
        %vectorr product
        \newcommand{\vectprod}[2]{\left( #1 \times #2 \right)}
        \newcommand{\vectprodv}[2]{\vectprod{\vec{#1}}{\vec{#2}}} % includes vector arrows
        %gradient, rotatie, divergentie
        \newcommand{\conc}[1]{\left[ #1 \right]}
        %equilibrum arrows

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    I think that the best way to do multiline equations is definitely the align environment:

    x & = y \\
    y & = x
    Should produce two equations, closely spaced, with the "&" used as the alignment point. That way you can do really nicely aligned equations, not just centered ones.

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    Quote Originally Posted by neoflight View Post
    include a new package called geometry.
    hope this helps...
    I'll definitely try that! Hope it works!

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    Dear Stievire,

    this is an inquiry about defining abbreviations in kile. According to the documentation it should be possible to insert newline by %n and the curser by %C. However, expanding my abbreviation just inserts the text as it is, i.e. %n introduces a comment rather than creating a newline.
    Could you give me a hint? (encoding, kile version, ...)

    Best regards
    Jan Mohring

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    Re: Efficiently Using LaTeX

    Old thread back to sleep.

    Please start a new thread if required.

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