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Thread: Giving Ubuntu Edgy a Edubuntu feel

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    Giving Ubuntu Edgy a Edubuntu feel

    I installed Ubuntu 6.10 on my daughter's PC. At that point, I started adding all sorts of apps, etc. including the stuff placed by Automatix. In retrospect, I should have installed Edubuntu instead of the standard Ubuntu, but a little too late for that... So, is there anyway to take a standard Ubuntu installation, and give it the look and feel of having a Edubuntu distribution? It would be nice if there were a simple script that would do a massive apt-get and do the job, but I could only wish!

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    Re: Giving Ubuntu Edgy a Edubuntu feel

    sudo aptitude install edubuntu-desktop
    stephen@deepthought:~/.kde$ aptitude search edubuntu
    p   edubuntu-artwork                - edubuntu themes and artwork
    p   edubuntu-artwork-usplash        - edubuntu artwork for usplash
    p   edubuntu-desktop                - edubuntu desktop system
    p   edubuntu-docs                   - documentation for edubuntu systems
    p   edubuntu-menus                  - group-driven menus for Edubuntu
    p   edubuntu-server                 - edubuntu servers
    I guess you should get the edubuntu-artwork package as well in that case.

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    Re: Giving Ubuntu Edgy a Edubuntu feel

    You can also install edubuntu-desktop from Synaptic if you want to do it via a GUI


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