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Thread: HOWTO: Download YouTube Stereo MP3s

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    Re: HOWTO: Download YouTube Stereo MP3s

    i just tried my method of ripping sound from .flv files with VLC on linux for the first time.. oddly it didn't work!

    works fine in winblows though.. i wouldn't expect there to a difference(?!)

    edit: yeah, i just tried with the same flv file from first on ubuntu, then on windows XP pro. it works on XP, but not ubuntu.

    the steps are:
    1. open VLC player
    2. File>Wizard...
    3. Select "Transcode/Save to file" - next
    4. "Choose..." then select the .flv file that you got using DownloadHelper - next
    5. Check the box for Transcode Audio, set it to MP3 and set the bitrate to 192 - next
    6. IMPORTANT - select MPEG 1 as your encapsulation method - next
    7. save the file as <name> .mpg

    now, repeat all of those steps on the mpg file that you just created, only this time select RAW as your encapsulating method and save the file with an MP3 extension.

    done. from internet video to your car stereo.
    it seems like a lot of steps but its actually not so bad once you get a flow going.

    BUT... for some dumb reason this isn't working on linux... it must have something to do with the method that the linux version of VLC player is creating the MP3 file..

    so hopefully someone here figures it out...
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