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Thread: Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

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    Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

    this solution was posted by K.Mandla in the random openbox chatter thread -

    it was originally posted by a dr.zombo on K.Mandla's blog (this is already starting to sound like one of those 'latest news on e17' threads. "oh, it was going great for about 20 minutes, last thursday."). anyway, here's that original quote...

    Quote Originally Posted by dr.zombo
    I got the same problem with pypanel for the last 2 hours, but then I did the following trick:

    do an apt-get remove python-xlib

    clear all dependencies for python-xlib:

    apt-get install debhelper python-dev python-xlib libx11-dev libxft-dev libxpm-dev libimlib2-dev dpatch sed python-central

    grab it from here:
    unpack, and install it with python install

    and finaly cd to pypanel and python install
    taddaaa it works!!

    cheers, dr.zombo
    of course, you must do sudo apt-get remove python-xlib.

    i don't know what he meant by "clear all dependencies for python-xlib". this must have happened automatically, somehow, as i didn't do it.

    worked for me.
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    Re: pypanel solution

    Since I'm a co-conspirator ... yes, it worked for me as well. However, not without also downloading the source for PyPanel and installing that via sudo python install as well.

    So in short: I removed python-xlib and pypanel from the repositories with

    sudo apt-get remove python-xlib pypanel
    Then I installed the packages listed above, with the exception of python-xlib (?!) and sed (which is part of ubuntu-minimal ... again: ?!) with

    sudo aptitude install debhelper python-dev libx11-dev libxft-dev libxpm-dev libimlib2-dev dpatch python-central
    Then download the python-xlib tarball from and the PyPanel tarball from Decompress both.

    First move into the python-xlib folder and install with sudo python install. Then jump to the PyPanel folder and install it as well with sudo python install.

    Now, when you enter the command pypanel & in a terminal window or from within your .xinitrc file, the panel should start.

    Not bad for a random blog comment.
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    Re: Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

    Thanks, I followed K.Mandla's comments and it worked a treat.

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    Re: Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

    I followed these directions..b ut now when i go into terminal and enter

    fobnicat@fobnicat-desktop:~$ pypanel
    my whole computer goes crazy 100% CPU and the new pypanel toolbar is blinking

    any help?

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    Re: Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

    and finaly cd to pypanel
    Then jump to the PyPanel folder
    where is this folder exactly ?

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    Re: Howto: Fix PyPanel in Edgy

    cheers for the tip k.mandla. Pypanel refused to work for me in feisty
    Is this for enhancing your E-peen?


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