Hey, has anyone ever heard of Game Maker? It's an awesome program that allows regular users to create games in a very simple environment. I was wondering if anyone knows of alternatives or would even want to create one for Linux?

Right now, I think anyone who wants to make a game has to know quite a bit of coding. For instance, I learned some Python, hoping to learn Pygame, but I'm still to much of a beginner to use it at the moment. Game Maker has 2 systems, a drag and drop coding, for those very new with the program, and then you can use actual code (some say it's like Delphi but simplified) and both are extremely easy to start up and get to making a game.

If we had a Game Maker for Linux, probably built on Pygame, that would allow people to easily add sprites, backgrounds, sounds, code up their levels and such, we could get a lot of games popping up. Plus, being built on Pygame, people would be able to learn Python and apply it in other places (unlike Game maker's code, which you can only use in GM and just gives you a basic idea of how programming works).

I only know of one similar program, Game Editor (but it's commercial),