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Thread: HOWTO: Hear multiple sounds using Both ESD & ALSA

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    HOWTO: Hear multiple sounds using Both ESD & ALSA

    Hello there,
    This is just a clean and better organised guide of varunus's HowTo located here. So primarily all the credits go to him.

    This HowTo will give you instruction on enabling software mixing, to avoid application problems like Audacity needing killall esd to work as well as Skype [now Skype will no longer crash if you receive a message or a call (when it try to play sound in fact)], so let's get to work shall we ?? .

    1. We need to install libesd-alsa0 so
      sudo apt-get install libesd-alsa0
    2. We need to create /etc/asound.conf, so
      sudo gedit /etc/asound.conf
      Insert into it:
      pcm.card0 {
      type hw
      card 0
      pcm.!default {
      type plug
      slave.pcm "dmixer"
      pcm.dmixer {
      type dmix
      ipc_key 1025
      slave {
      pcm "hw:0,0"
      period_time 0
      period_size 2048	#1024
      buffer_size 32768	#4096
      			#periods 128
      rate 48000		#44100
      bindings {
      0 0
      1 1
    3. We need to change /etc/esound/esd.conf contents so:
      sudo mv /etc/esound/esd.conf /etc/esound/esd.conf_backup
      sudo gedit /etc/esound/esd.conf
      Insert into it:
      spawn_options=-terminate -nobeeps -as 2 -d default
      # default options are used in spawned and non-spawned mode
    4. Now You need to change ubuntu sound server to alsa (you can leave it ESD but better use alsa because it has better sound handling):
      Change both (in the Audio Tab not the Video) from ESD to ALSA so it looks just like the picture:

    All that's left now is to restart your computer (after restart you must hear sound) to enable these changes. Also configure XMMS or Beep-media-player (or any player) to use ALSA instead of eSound/ESD. If you hear a strange sound, just change everything back to ESD. If everything worked correctly, now Audacity & Skype will work normally and all the program will play sound using either Alsa or ESD.
    Correct beep-media-player configuration:
    * If you couldn't play any sounds using ALSA then your /etc/asound.cond & /etc/esound/esd.conf needs some more advanced tweaking (or your sound card just won't support it).

    * The codes above are to be done inside a terminal window.

    Thanks to varunus for the original HowTo and to Vaportrail for the correct /ets/asound.conf contents.

    Enjoy everyone .
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