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Thread: [How-To] Install Amarok with MTP-Device Support

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    Re: [How-To] Install Amarok with MTP-Device Support

    I've got it working. I installed both libmtp and Amarok (and all Dependant packs as well) with synaptic. Plugging in my Zune didn't work automatically, so I went to Settings>Configure Amarok>Media Devices>Add Device>Added it with the MTP handle and my name. When I plugged it and Hit connect it worked like a champ. Note, that only music can be seen, Pictures, Podcasts, etc. cannot be seen via Amarok. Also right clicking files and selecting "Copy to Collection" always seems to fail. I have the Zune 30 w/2.5 firmware. Note*Copying files from the Zune takes a long time, but I can still play music on my Zune device while I'm pulling music off which is nice (Just don't try to play the music you are syncing, if they happen to use the same file at the same time it will lock Amarok and the Zune up too requiring a Back+Down restart on the Zune).

    Edit: I'm using Amarok 1.4.5 with Feisty. Sorry but I'm a n00b at anything linux.
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