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Thread: *New Guidelines* Please Read First Before Posting Your Tutorials & Tips.

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    *New Guidelines* Please Read First Before Posting Your Tutorials & Tips.

    Should it be found that your guide mirrors another guide written or it is found that you did not search before for posting your guide it will not be approved,and will be jailed.

    When posting your Tutorials & Tips. we ask that you please do the following first.

    Step One:
    Search the Tutorials & Tips for any guide that matches the one you plan to write. This can be done using the Search this Forum option.

    Step Two:
    Should a guide be found that matches the one you want to write you have three options

    Option One:
    1) Update the guide found by posting your info to that thread. (This method does not require approval )

    Option Two:
    2) PM the original thread starter with your updates. (This method requires you to work with the original thread starter)

    Option Three:
    3) Write your Tutorial and optionally leave a note in your thread with the link of the guide you aim to replace. (This method does require approval, and has rules for use. see below)

    When posting your Tutorials & Tips thread the following is required to be included.

    1) Credit to the base of your info unless you wrote the guide from scratch.

    2) The version of Ubuntu you tested it on this including architecture (eg. 32/64bit).

    3) A detailed explanation of what the guide/script/etc does.

    4) A complete list of what is needed to install the program/script/etc in your guide.

    5) A way of uninstalling or undoing any changes made

    6) All commands posted in the thread should be on separate lines and please use the CODE tags so they are easier to read.

    7) You must be willing to support the guide you post *OR* post a warning that there is no support, and the guide is to be used at your own risk.

    Note: Backup your Tutorials & Tips post before posting, as you may not get a copy back of the original post which will hinder you making edits or amendments to your guide should it be rejected.

    Note: Users who post guides that are to be used at your own risk are asked to retest the guide on the next Ubuntu release, and verify that it works so that the guide may remain listed. Failure to do so will result in the guide being removed from the how to section.

    Please remember all Faqs, Tutorials & Tips. are screened by a Mod or Admin before being approved. If the items above are not in your Tutorials & Tips. it will not be approved. links to blogs will not be accepted as a how to.
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