Just a slightly annoying, slightly funny experience I had that I wanted to share:

My Epson AIO's printhead is blocked *again* so I decide to just relegate it to scanner duty and buy a cheap inkjet; I did some research and settle on an HP D2360.

I go to a local PC store (PC Gilmore, for anyone in my locale who happens to be reading this) and ask about it. This is what happened:
Salesguy: "so, what system are you using this on?"
Me: Linux
Salesguy (makes a big show of looking over the box): HP only works with Windows
Me: No, no, there's a Linux driver
Salesguy calls their Technician to verify
Technician: (condescening tone) HP works with Windows and Mac only!
Me: I know it works with Linux
(repeat cycle 2-3x)
Me: Look, just give me the printer, if it doesn't work, i'll come back tomorrow and buy the more expensive model!
*sales guy finally hands printer over*

The store has a testing area, so the technician makes a big show of opening the box (with a box cutter- he managed to shred the packaging and manuals too; fortunately the printer is fine); he plugs it onto their XP unit.
Technician (still condescending): see, in XP it's just plug-and-play. Why don't you buy an XP? Linux is so obsolete (yeah, he actually said that) blah-blah-blah-blah-blah (he sounded like a micrososft press release)

Well, the printer is now home. it works fine with Ubuntu. The punch line? I'm dual-booting and Windows still won't work with it.