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Thread: First meeting, December 7th, 8:30 PM

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    Exclamation First meeting, December 7th, 8:30 PM

    After minor discussion over the mailing list, I'd like to hold our initial meeting over irc at 8:30 pm, Thursday, December 7th.

    The meeting will be held on IRC, on the freenode network (ie the "Ubuntu Servers" one in XChat, ie the one which all Ubuntu business is discussed on), in the #ubuntu-us-nj channel. I'd like to see as many people turn out as can, and hopefully we can discuss what you guys do and don't want to do as a team. See you then!

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    Re: First meeting, December 7th, 8:30 PM

    omg that is crazy coincidence. the ZA loco team decided to have our first intro meeting on the exact same the exact same time. is it coincidence? i think not. spooooky


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