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Thread: TRICK: More than one Homepage in Firefox

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    TRICK: More than one Homepage in Firefox

    Now this one might be as old as the hills, (and I guess I have probably been in a cave in one of them thar hills!), but I only found this out by accident.

    If you want more than one website to open up when you launch Firefox, you can do so by adding a second, third, whatever, to your homepage dialog box in Preferences.

    For Example

    Open Firefox, and then go to Edit -> Preferences -> General

    In the "Homepage Location(s)" (there's a clue!) box enter something like this:

    Note the " | " between each site. Click Close, close down firefox and reopen. All three sites should fire up in seperate tabs.

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    Re: TRICK: More than one Homepage in Firefox

    Thank You !

    Ihad been wondering how to do that .
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