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Thread: HOWTO: MIDI in Hoary

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    Re: HOWTO: MIDI in Hoary

    Works beautifully in Hardy (8.04). Funny thing... I had searched many times through the Ubuntu forums using variations of "set up midi" but only (finally!) found this via a search of the forums at!

    Also, for those using a SBLive! (as I am doing), a decent soundfont is essential. Here's a freebie based on the Roland GS samples in the venerable SCC1 (still my fav midi card, though in this day of no ISA slots, now retired):

    There are others based on the Roland samples at the same site.

    Simply following the directions in this HOWTO, I've freed up my SD-35 external synth for other uses. Nice.


    Note: Ubuntu 8.04 64-bit running on AMD 64 X 2 5200+ with 4GiB memory; lil old SBLive! 16-bit card using a soundfont based on the Roland Sound Canvas samples.
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