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Thread: Resources for women using Ubuntu

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    Resources for women using Ubuntu

    If you are a woman using Ubuntu, and you'd like more information on how you can get involved, contact women who work on the project, or just get in touch with other female Ubuntu users, there are quite a few sites available as resources to you.

    "Ubuntu-Women is a team functioning under Ubuntu to provide a platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu-Linux, a Debian based free and open-source GNU/Linux software. Our main role will be along the lines of supplementing and being the stepping stone toward the larger Ubuntu-Linux world. Membership is open to all."
    Ubuntu-Women IRC channel
    "#ubuntu-women on IRC provides support to anyone that needs to discuss mentoring, volunteering, other Ubuntu-related activities. Keeping a pleasant atmosphere in #ubuntu-women has been possible with the continuous efforts of the friendly operators who adhere to a certain set of unwritten rules."
    Planet Ubuntu-Women
    A collation of blogs written by female Ubuntu members.
    Ubuntu-Women mailing list
    "Welcome to the Ubuntu-Women mailing list, which exists to provide encouragement to women who are active volunteers within the Ubuntu community. Membership is open to ALL."
    Ubuntu-Women Team
    "Our goal is to create a space for women who want to be involved in the Ubuntu Project. We encourage you to share your ideas, skills and experiences and contribute. ..." Any user can join and no approval is required. is "a fantastic resource for women globally and locally -- indeed, many of the organizers of Ubuntu-Women and early members are part of LinuxChix."
    If you have a resource to add or a site you would like to include, contact me and I'd be happy to add it to this thread.
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