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Thread: Tango Text Colors in X-Chat (Gnome?)

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    Talking Tango Text Colors in X-Chat (Gnome?)

    I love Tango, this does wonders to readability.

    Alright, step 1. Open the Tango color pallete. Keep it open. Analyze it. Study it closely. Admire it.

    New Step 2! Download the attached file, and save it as ~/.xchat2/colors.conf

    Step 3: Admire you now-Tango-ified Xchat! Join irc:// and help others!

    Thanks to aidanr for help!

    Deprecated steps: Do only if you feel bored:
    Step 2. Open your favorite IRC program, xchat (this may only work for xchat-gnome. Please tell me). Click Edit>Preferences, and select Colo[u]rs. Click the window icon, and set it always on top. Change Color scheme to Custom.
    Step 3. The boring part! Hurrah! Select each color to change, one by one, and use the eye-dropper to select the colors from the tango palette you opened. I told you it'd be boring. Don't worry, it took me only a couple of minutes. Once you're done, close the preferences window, join #ubuntu, and have a Tango color party! Hurrah!
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