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Thread: OE-Cake, anyone got it working?

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    Exclamation OE-Cake, anyone got it working?

    This game is simply awesome and I played with it all the time, but now I have completely switched to Ubuntu, I tried running it under wine but nothing happens, not even an error message and I don't know how to run .exe files in the terminal

    So, if anyone have used it in Ubuntu or could help on how to do so, please tell me

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    Re: OE-Cake, anyone got it working?

    If you haven't worked with a terminal before, then an easy way of navigating it is installing the package "nautilus-open-terminal" which will allow you to right-click a folder and start a terminal from there.
    (Only works when using regular Ubuntu, meaning the one with the nautilus file browser). To install:

    sudo apt-get install nautilus-open-terminal

    - And to let it take effect, you'll likely have to restart nautilus (close all nautilus windows). If that doesn't help, just issue:

    killall nautilus

    - When that's done, open your home folder (Places-->Home folder) and press ctrl-h to be able to see hidden files. The wine stuff is in the hidden .wine folder. Navigate to it and keep going until you find your program's folder, and right-click it to start a terminal session from there. Then run your program like this (insert correct program name instead):

    wine program_name.exe

    - You'll probably get a lot of feedback which will help troubleshooting. In case you get zillions of fixme messages, try running it like this:

    WINEDEBUG=fixme-all wine program_name.exe

    - BTW, to take a look around from within a terminal, use:


    - and to navigate to a folder:

    cd foldername

    - or to go down one folder:

    cd ..

    - For more info see:

    Good luck, and keep us informed.

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    Re: OE-Cake, anyone got it working?

    I haven't tried WINE yet, but it works nicely in CrossOver Games.


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