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Thread: Women in Technology Advocacy

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    Women in Technology Advocacy

    We're posting here because 50% of the population is female, but for some reason we are a minority in many groups, most notably science, technology, business, and music (yes, check out an orchestra someday). In these fields, 50% of the population get reduced to 15%, 20%.

    This is exagerated in populations that are already a minority or disadvantaged due, for example, due to race or economic stance. Though most women are still raised with it ingrained, for example, that women just aren't as good at math, a woman with a family that isn't going through a lot of stress would have an easier time helping the woman get the confidence to show her abilities in math. A family that had money would have an easier time driving her child to the library so she can get chances to use computers, which she's so good at, but even on these computer she can't try much.

    So the 15%, 20% of the women who made it through are probably not these women. They are probably middle to upper class. If you are a woman who is reading this, you are probably middle to upper class, because you can afford a computer and your whole family isn't depending on that computer, thus you were able to change it over to linux.

    There are many adults today who cannot read. They cannot fill out applications for jobs that do not require reading (bagging groceries), because they cannot read the job application. In the future, a person who is illiterate technology wise will be as incapable to function in the world as these adults are.

    You've been given a great opportunity. Have you thought of helping a young girl that has talent in technology so they can have the great opportunity you do now? Do you already help and where?

    This is just a little write up of a program that the YWCA has for girls, called Teen Girls in Technology.

    TGI Tech
    TGI Tech seeks to increase girls’ confidence and competence in technology by helping young women, ages 13 -18 years-old, overcome barriers and stereotypes in technology, math and science. The program provides girls with innovative learning opportunities to raise their interest, confidence and competence in these areas, while helping them develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. TGI Tech prepares young women to enter a world of non-traditional, technology-related careers like engineering, computer science and biotechnology. The program also links girls to successful women in technology, math and science professions for mentoring and encouragement. (from YWCA Atlanta)

    See you at the Y!
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    Re: Women in Technology Advocacy

    good point, i dont know how anyone is going to get on in this world if they dont know how to do something on the computer other than look at myspace

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    Re: Women in Technology Advocacy

    Good luck!

    I don't think the low population is from lack of trying. Here at my university there are a tremendous amount of scholarships and grants specifically for women. Sadly the population is still very low.


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