I am new to Linux.. Ubuntu... I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my main system.. no windows .. and now installed Xubuntu 7.10 on my laptop...

Panasonic CF-47 Toughbook
P3 500
192 megs ram
40gig HD

I had problems getting samba to work in Xubuntu, had to use universal repositories and reinstall samba... then followed the instructions for fusesmb... networking worked great until I shutdown the computer.

I have found that I can't run fuse in auto start since my networking is done via a PCMCIA card. so I have to start the computer and then get the network card running and then manually enter

fusesmb /media/network

to be able to browse the home network.

I can access the Wifes XP shared directory and my Ubuntu share... but I can't access the W2k shares.