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Thread: Making mousebuttons sticky?

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    Making mousebuttons sticky?

    i can only use one finger, therefore i use a trackball with 4 buttons!
    Because of this, i have problems to dragging my cursor!

    When i use my trackball in windows, i could program one button, so that when i hit it, the right button stayed sticky, and could drag my cursor this way!

    Is there a way in Linux to do the same?
    Is there a program to allocate different commands to the mouse-buttons?

    Maybe by hitting the button 3 times can make it sticky?

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Making mousebuttons sticky?


    I am not a poweruser, so I don't know how you can achieve what you are looking for. But I would not be astonished if it was possible to achieve...

    Meanwhile, you might have a look at mousetweaks:

    Though it is not exactly what you are looking for, it might nevertheless be helpful. (For example you could use dwelling for the drag.)
    (And once the single click function has been implemented, it might be even more helpful to you.)

    Have a nice day.



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