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    Exclamation Updates and Information

    Some updated information for the LoCo Team

    We now have a mailing list. If you are still interested in the group,
    please SIGN UP for the mailing list

    Future mailings will only be sent through the mailing list (I'm not
    going to mail everyone signed up on launchpad, because it's tedious,
    and I don't know who's still active). Those who are not signed up for
    the mailing list in a reasonable time will be removed from the group
    (probably a month or so).

    Other news:

    We now have a subforum on the site:

    The mailing list I'd like to use as an easy way to contact all our
    members, but I'd like the forum to used for all discussion. If anyone
    has issue with that, let me know.

    We also have a site:

    The url is temporary, as I'm currently waiting on the LoCo admin for a
    subdomain, and trademark to say whether I can register one. Either
    way, that url will still work after the main domain is changed. The
    site also includes a planet, at
    . If you would like your blog added to the aggregator, let me know and
    i'll add your feed and hackergotchi.

    I'd like to start getting the group together, so if you know anyone in
    the Jersey area who would be interested, please send them our way.
    I'd like to start discussing events you guys want to work on asap.
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