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Thread: Record your desktop with recordmydesktop ;)

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    Re: Record your desktop with recordmydesktop ;)

    Quote Originally Posted by aidanr View Post

    works pretty well, although using it without those two switches you posted resulted in a crash when pressing ctrl+c
    If it happened after pressing ctrl-c it's the --zero-compression switch.
    (though I can't imagine why yet)
    The program must have left a folder rMD-session-(num) on your home folder, which you should delete(it probably takes up lots of space).

    Can you tell me what files where in the folder?
    Also did it procceed at all at the encoding or did it crash immediately?
    Last thing, if it's not much trouble, can you try again?
    I haven't added error handling on IO yet, so it might have been a
    simple read error(or a previous write error).


    EDIT:Aidanr I see there's one more video on you account that is not correct. I can't make out the output,
    but counting the lines it seems to be v0.2.6 (unless you've run with --no-wm-check).
    Can you verify on this, because beryl has changed the name it reports a couple of times and
    I want to make sure I haven't missed any of it.
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