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Thread: Howto: Compile Wine for Eve (from source)

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    Howto: Compile Wine for Eve (from source)

    This guide is now useless (other than as an example of how to apply patches to wine). Wine has come a long way since I wrote this over two years ago.

    For the best way of setting up wine - Grab the latest version and then look at this page

    Click on version you want to run (usually the one at the bottom of the screen) and follow the tips it suggest)

    Redundant guide follows


    This Howto will walk you through each step needed to go from a base install of Edgy (with just the Graphics system configured) to having a copy of wine and Eve installed.

    Lets begin!

    First we need to install all the things required to compile WINE. (Can someone with a clean system help me here? I've already set up my system as I had to install ATI drivers, so there may be more packages are required.)

    sudo apt-get install build-essential flex bison xlibs-dev x11proto-gl-dev libgl1-mesa-dev fontconfig libfreetype6-dev fontforge checkinstall
    Grab the wine source code and the current eve setup program (this will be different when a new version is released, go to for new versions). I'm dumping everything in my home directory. If you do the same then you should be able to follow these instructions to the letter.

    cd ~/
    Now grab the patches and hacks that will allow us to run eve
    Extract the wine files, put the patch in the right place (so it can find the files) and patch the code.

    tar -xvf wine-0.9.24.tar.bz2
    mv eve-2006-10-20.diff wine-0.9.24
    cd wine-0.9.24
    patch -p1 <eve-2006-10-20.diff
    Set up the wine compile environment (the CFLAGS is essential!) and build. If you dont add the cflags then when you try to run wine you'll just get "Segmentation fault. Core dumped."

    ./configure CFLAGS=-fno-stack-protector
    make depend && make
    Now go away and make dinner or something. This took 45 minutes on my AMD Athlon 3200+. Once it finishes we want to install wine as a package. This allows us to 1) Take a copy of this version of wine that definitely works (incase future versions of wine break EVE) 2) Uninstall it via Synaptic 3) Give it to your mates/install it on another pc without compiling

    sudo checkinstall
    Choose yes to generate package documents (if necessary)
    For the description enter “Wine 0.9.24 (patched for EVE)”. This is what appears on the installer/uninstaller description, so if you want to list the known bugs too feel free.

    Wine is now installed . We now need to configure it a bit. With EVE there is no need for winetools or anything that "taints" the wine installation.

    Set the default windows version to windows 2000. Make sure the audio tab has some sort of audio set. At present my one only has OSS, after fiddling with ubuntu to get my soundcards right (I have onboard and a plug in) this works fine. ALSA should also work.

    Next task, install EVE – (Replace 25245 with whatever version you downloaded.)

    cd ..
    wine EVE_Setup_25245.exe
    After successful installation, run the bash file to create the extra directories. If you dont do this Eve will authenticate your account, then just reset to the username/password boxes. This stumped me for hours til I tried it on windows and saw it was caching bulk data

    chmod u+x MachoNet.bash
    mv MachoNet.bash ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/CCP/EVE/
    cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/CCP/EVE
    And now the moment you've all been waiting for

    nice -19 wine ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/CCP/EVE/EVE.exe
    nice -19 is needed in order to give WINE enough space to allow sound to be sent out. If you dont add it, the music and speech will be garbled as everything fights for resources.

    Known bugs with this version are

    1) Graphical corruption of own portait (all other portaits/images appeared fine in my week of testing)
    2) Ubuntu mouse cursor appears over eve cursor
    3) Can crash when switching between wine and other applications (eg open office and this firefox browser . Staying ingame seems to keep things stable.
    4) May still be a memory leak in there, as it got really slow for me after about 4 hours of playing. Quiting and re-entering solved that problem

    The only thing left to do on this how to is create a shortcut. Unfortunately I cant figure out how to do this on gnome. I used the right click create menu on the desktop, but the file it created didn't seem to actually execute.

    I'd also like a games/EVE directory on my Applications menu, but the ala carte editor seems to have disappeared since Dapper.

    So, let me know about missing features for the apt-get line, let me know how to create short cuts, and most of all let me know how you got on

    See you in space!
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