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Thread: how to: automatically umount cifs partitions

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    how to: automatically umount cifs partitions

    Hi everybody,
    I'm posting a modification of a simple script originally coded by 'jferrando'
    devoted to automatically umount cifs partitions in the shutdown and reboot sequence of Ubuntu (Dapper+). The main problem with the original script was that mount locations of cifs partitions had to be explicitly hardcoded in the script: I have written a simple routine which detects all mounted cifs-partition and umount them before proceeding with the other phases of the shutdown/reboot sequences.

    Instructions are very simple:
    uncompress archive and set 'chmod +x' on the mountcifs file
    sudo cp mountcifs /etc/init.d/

    cd /etc/rc0.d
    sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/mountcifs K02mountcifs

    cd /etc/rc6.d
    sudo ln -s /etc/init.d/mountcifs K02mountcifs

    ...that's all!
    I've experienced problem in the shutdown of my laptop just after sharing cifs filesystems with other PCs in a VPN network... this script fixed the problem.... hope it will be useful for someone out there!

    Happy Coding
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