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Thread: How to request a LoCo forum.

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    How to request a LoCo forum.

    We have have a few LoCo teams request sub forums here at ubuntuforums and we are glad to help you with your LoCo forum.

    The LoCo forum we setup for you will be managed by you. We will give you certain permissions to maintain your forum. In the event you need to have a user banned please contact one of the forums administrators to facilitate this for you.
    Forum Permissions Include:
    1. Delete/Undelete Posts & Threads
    2. Stick or Unstick Threads
    3. Open/Close Threads and posts
    4. Move threads
    5. Merge Threads
    6. Post announcements in your forum
    7. Edit users posts
    Since the LoCo forum will be managed by you for your team, you are welcomed to speak your native language in your forum. Please keep in mind the rest of the ubuntuforums is English only. Also please keep in mind users must follow the official forum guidelines when posting, we try to maintain a friendly environment for everyone.

    ** Important: If your LoCo team already has a forum please do not request one to help avoid confusion, unless you intend to replace your current one. **

    Requesting your LoCo Forum:
    Make a post here with your LoCo team name and the following information:

    1. Please make sure your project is listed on the LoCo Directory.
    2. What subdomain prefix do you want. example: (
    3. What is your LoCo team name
    4. The forum user(s) (max 2) who will be the moderator for your forum
    5. Please make sure you are the registered contact person for this LoCo Team as per the listing on the LoCo Directory.

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